To meet the Atkins Diet Plan Induction Phase objectives, you will have to remove many foods from your diet.
While proteins are allowed and even encouraged during this phase you have to watch how your dishes are prepared.
Eat liberally of combinations of fat and protein in the form of poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs and red meat, as well as of pure, natural fat in the form of butter, mayonnaise, olive oil, safflower, sunflower and other vegetable oils (preferably expeller-pressed or cold-pressed). Eat no more than 20 grams a day of carbohydrate, most of which must come in the form of salad greens and other vegetables. Eat absolutely no fruit, bread, pasta, grains, starchy vegetables or dairy products other than cheese, cream or butter.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to hydrate your body, avoid constipation and flush out the by-products of burning fat. The menu cannot vary that much with the Atkins method, so I will only write one day menu until there are any significant changes to it. Also, if you find yourself becoming constipated from this radical change in your diet, then you can supplement by drinking psyllium fiber which is available almost everywhere. Most of the 20 grams of carbs that you eat during induction should come from greens and raw or steamed vegetables.
All fruits, sugar, flour, breads and baked goods, oats and all other grains, all pasta, corn and corn chips, popcorn, carrots, beans, rice, potatos and potato chips, candy, milk and all dairy products except cheese.
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The Atkins Diet is a low-carbohydrate diet created by Robert Atkins and popularised in numerous books. Grains:  Not to have grains or anything made with them (such as bread, cake, pastries) or anything else made from flour.
Sign up to receive your complimentary eBooks (25 Tips for 6-Pack Abs and 10 Things to Do Before You Diet) valued at $24.99 - Absolutely Free! If you’re starting a low carb diet, on Atkins Induction or trying to enter ketosis quickly, eating the right zero carb foods seriously step up your game.
Many vegetables have no carbs or almost no carbs, including cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, spinach and celery. Heavy cream and whipped cream are excellent options, each having only trace amounts of carbs.
There are more than 60 zero carb spices to choose from – but these eight special spices speed up your fat loss. Now Foods erythritol powder is a natural sweetener that’s non-GMO, low glycemic impact and zero calorie.

A complete list of zero carb and almost zero carb foods, arranged by food group and total net carbs.
I had my blood tests 1 month ago, I take mineral supplements, antioxidants, fibers supplements and an Omega-3 fatty acid complex.
You can eat approximately three cups-loosely packed-of salad, or two cups of salad plus one cup of other vegetables. If you eat healthy and clean, that is, low carb and no processed foods to speak of, you are by default on a low calorie diet.
Your meals should totally be clean protein and healthy fats.This includes all meat, raw nuts, cheese, olives, heavy whipping cream, eggs and all other low carb foods. As you know, I prefer a mix of Kale and baby spinach, boiled down in the rice cooker or on the stove.
I know this flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but conventional wisdom has been wrong about many things for a very long time. For stir-frying, best to use canola, peanut or grape seed oil (especially if cold-pressed or expeller-pressed). Here are plenty of options to make flavorful, satisfying meals with zero carbs or almost zero carbs and a few suggestions to make things more interesting. According to USDA food lists, Camembert, cheddar, Munster and parmesan cheeses have zero carbs.
Atkins prefers sucralose (Splenda), but small amounts (2 to 3 servings) of saccharine (Sweet N Low) are also allowed. It is almost impossible for someone who has been eating the Standard American Diet for years to tackle right away. The reason you do not eat fruit during Induction is so that there is no source of sugar coming into your body that would trigger a glucose reaction.
If you are showing any color at all beyond the starting color, a very light beige, then you are in a state of ketosis. You will become this way eventually also if you gradually adopt a clean diet which is what I am presenting to you.
Atkins got the idea for the diet from a research paper he read in the Journal of the American Medical Association, using the outcomes of the study to help him lose weight himself.
Net carbs are the total carbohydrate intake minus the carbs contained in fiber, sugar alcohol, and glycerine. As a wine lover who has never been on the Atkins diet, I truly would miss the prohibited foods more than the wine itself, for two weeks.
I personally could not do it consistently and that is what lead to the invention of The Gradual Diet. During Induction you should not consume any fruit, bread, pasta, grains, starchy vegetables, flour, sugar or beans. It’s from lessons learned from doing Atkins Induction, coupled with my detailed research on the Paleo and Keto diets.

While the induction phase only lasts two weeks, you will have to wait much more than that to return to your potatoes and peas. The low carb vegetables I like in a raw state are celery, broccoli, cauliflower, green and red bell peppers, radishes, brown mushrooms, sliced zuchinni squash and avocados. Occasionally I will become strict with myself and stop eating nuts or dairy but after a while I introduce these foods back into my diet as my hunger waxes and wanes.
The Induction phase is the most restrictive of the four phases and is typically two weeks in duration. If your vegetable serving contains 5 grams of carbs but 2 of those grams come from fiber, then only 3 grams of carbs actually count.
Starchy vegetables are the last food group reintroduced during the second phase of the Atkins Diet, the Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) Phase during which you increase your carbohydrate intake by a net 5 grams per week.
This means the white stuff in the sugar bowl but it also means fruit juice (except for small amounts of lemon and lime juice), fruit juice concentrates, syrups, and sweetners. The goal of Induction is to bring on a state of Ketosis, which means that you are burning your own fat for energy, rather than the glucose (sugar) in your blood.
Lipolysis, more commonly known as Ketosis, is the process that occurs when your body burns fat for fuel rather than glucose. Induction is supposed to last for 2 weeks, followed by slowly introducing healthy carbs back into the diet.
Nuts are prohibited as are most dairy products with the exception of some cheeses and cream. It’s very important to know the exact carb count of every vegetable and any food that you are eating.
On the upside, dairy products and nuts are the first foods to be added when the induction phase is over.
But mostly my diet consists of meat and fish, vegetables (raw and cooked), eggs, raw nuts, cheese and dairy. You can lose up to 10 pounds of fat during this phase if you are careful and really strict with yourself. Because of this supplementation, I have nice comfortable bowel movements and large tight stools.
This will really help you give up all sugars and teach your body to be more sensitive to sweet tastes and flavors.
So yeah, I break the rules of Induction but I eat a high fat, low carb and moderate protein diet. In the future when you are Keto-adjusted and sugar free, you will really be amazed at all the sweetness and flavors found in vegetables and dairy foods.

Food with low carbohydrate content vegetables
The healthy food to eat to lose weight


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