The media gives mixed messages so you should always do more research on anything that baffles you.How much like me are you?Sweet or savoury? I don't like sickly sweet stuff though, like thick chocolate sauces or icing.Carbs or meat?
It's healthier and I realised that my diet is very low in fat so I need all the fat I can get.
I treat fry-up breakfasts as a treat that is (usually) eaten out of the house for lunch at a nice cafe.Having a fried breakfast for lunch rather than breakfast helps to reduce the calories consumed in a day. Indeed, that evening I got an email telling me he'd guzzled the whole 250g (1500 kcal) packet of peanuts by that evening!Just before lunch, drink another two glasses of water. I watched an experiment on TV where they gave one group of builders one lunch, and another group the same stuff as soup. Even better, bulk it up with two tablespoons of rice or pasta - preferably brown or wholemeal.

Alternatively, have one piece of chicken - I don't like breast so I'm not going to be prescriptive here and say breast is best. LEGUMES AND GRAINSI am working on a recipe book with all the grains and legumes I eat - all caloried and costed!
Some people say cut out white rice and white pasta but I don't eat them every day so I don't think it does any harm at all. From my perspective, there is only one diet that can work, it's called the eat-less-diet and it's been tried and tested for centuries!LegumesI usually have the equivalent of half a can in my preparation.
I will publish the recipe in another blog.OilI don't use oil in the preparation, the onions are sweated in a bit of water, seriously, you can do that.
I prefer not to most of the time, I would rather have some custard and fruit for dessert than a piece of meat.
I will have a fair amount of mulled wine at Christmas and one or two cocktails (max) at a party.

When I go out for meals I never have alcohol, it's simply not necessary and it's too expensive a habit.PIZZAI love Domino's.
I don't have a rota or anything!SOFT DRINKSI successfully weaned myself off my Coca Cola "addiction" during lifestyle change one. I used to drink it daily, then I cut it out - cold turkey - and I have never craved it since.BREADI love bread! Classify them as an eating out food and don't keep them in your house otherwise you will eat them.

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