Caffeine is a chemical that belongs to a group of compounds known as alkaloids has a chemical formula of 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. This is a trace element, which basically means that it is a chemical required in very small amounts in the body for normal cellular activity.
CLA has a similar chemical composition to linoleic acid which is an omega-6 essential fatty acid. This supplement has been featured on the Dr Oz show where it has been suggested that this supplement works. This is an amino-acid (building block for proteins) which is produced naturally in our own bodies. In terms of it effect on fat loss, a study looking at the effects of taurine in rats compared the effect of combining it with lotus leaf. Features:a?… Powerful weight loss formula, COLEUS FORSKOHLII , Best Fat Burning Supplement on the MARKET that ignites the body's metabolism and melts belly fat.
Our Forskolin is standardized up to 20% PURE Forskolin Advantages - 250 mg of 100% PURE Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract PER capsule. Although i despise taking pills these helped suppress my appetite and seemed to aide in my weight loss goals. Overall apart from its well known “stimulatory effects” on our nervous system, it has been suggested that under some conditions caffeine could increase the amount of energy used by the body and particularly help in using fat as a fuel.
Chromium appears to be involved in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism (processing by our bodies) both in a direct way and also through enhancing the actions of a hormone known as insulin.

As far as scientific studies go, the use of very high dosages (anywhere between 150-1000 mcg of daily intake- which is way above recommended daily intakes) have been looked at.
In animal studies (rats) it has been shown that forkolin can help break down fat in fatty tissues. It is widely used in supplements for bodybuilding to improve endurance and muscle strength.
They found that added taurine to lotus leaf hot water extract was more effective in reducing fat that using lotus leaf alone. Weight Loss Expert Lisa Lynn on the Dr Oz show said it has helped her clients double their weight loss. Caffeine has not be shown to reduce body weight despite potentially having a small role in fat breakdown. There have been suggestions that high doses of chromium reduced “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and increase “good” cholesterol (HDL).
There has been a study in humans where the effects of this supplement have been looked at using dual-emission x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA scan), which can show the amount of fat in tissue with reasonable accuracy. A far as human studies go a relatively study which was conducted in time-trial cyclists found that there was a small but significant increase in total fat oxidation (the use of fat by the body to produce energy) during exercise. Lisa featured one of her clients on the show that lost 20lbs in 4 months while taking Forskolin. There has been a study suggesting that compared to an inactive pill (placebo), high doses of chromium (in the picolinate form) may have a small favourable effect.

However further evidence is required to determine the degree and significance of the effect of taurine supplementation in terms of body fat loss. Lisa says that you want to take at least 250mg and to make sure you get a good quality branda?…DON'T BE FOOLED, GET THE FULL 500 MG DAILY -Forskolin Weight loss Pills for Women & Men - This dosage is recommended by a famous Dr. Woman complain about their thighs, their back fat, their arm wings but for me it's all about the belly. This suggests that Forskolin may have a beneficial effect when used a supplement for weight loss.
Having said that, it is just one study and further work is required to clarify and quantify the effects of this supplement. At Ad-Vent Products, we engineer our Forskolin 250mg at the maximum 20% standardized dosage.
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