Phentabz is a new non-prescription diet pill offering a breakthrough in fast, consistent weight loss without harmful side effects. Unlike most new diet products on the market, Phentabz is not a herbal supplement but a pharmaceutically produced pill designed to boost energy levels, reduce appetite and increase metabolism and fat burning.
It is designed to provide a safe alternative to drugs such as Phentermine and is promoted as ‘a prescription drug but without a prescription’. An individual’s genetic make-up is a key factor in his or her propensity to gain or lose weight and Phentabz claims to help combat the effects of genetic factors as well as reducing hunger, increasing energy and improving motivation. It is manufactured by Gentech Pharmaceutical, established in the USA and the UK for more than a decade, with a track record of successful products in non-prescription ‘designer pharmacology’. The manufacturers recommend consulting your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan, particularly if you are taking prescription medications.

Gentech’s website features positive feedback from both from individual slimmers (reporting weight loss achievements including 25 pounds in 12 weeks, 30 pounds in 10 weeks and 50 pounds in 24 weeks) and from clinics running nutrition and diet programmes, as well a string of testimonials from athletes and fitness models advocating the pill’s performance enhancing qualities. However, despite the various claims and reviews there seems to be no objective clinical evidence to support the effectiveness of Phentabz and, perhaps more suspiciously, the manufacturers do not publicise details of the ingredients that make up the Phentabz formula, other than saying that it is a trademarked proprietary formula containing Ampheta HCL (Amphetamine Hydrochloride). Gentech seem to be relying mainly on their established track record and reputation to promote this product and targeting people who want the closest possible equivalent to Phentermine without having to obtain a prescription. Although there is no evidence to suggest that Phentabz is unsafe, we would need to wait until more information is available about its effectiveness before recommending it. Phen375 offers an effective formula which does not feature high amounts of caffeine or stimulants to help you lose weight, and instead features 100% natural ingredients which work to cut cravings, lower daily calorie intake and significantly boost the metabolism.
Phentabz contains caffeine and should not be taken by anyone using anti-depressants, amphetamines, or any other weight loss supplements or products.

As a non-prescription product it is not approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the lack of details about the ingredients makes it hard to be confident that it would be suitable for an individual slimmer’s circumstances.
Unlike Phentabz, Phen375 is produced in FDA registered labs using only pharmacy quality ingredients which are fully listed by the manufacturer.

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