Muscle & Strength strives to give you accurate content, including product information, policies, pricing, and visual displays. Protein is critically important to building muscle, and this certainly isn’t a secret. While there are many different sources of protein available, they’re not all created equal. Not only that, but some sources of protein are better absorbed and utilized by your body than others.
Skinless chicken breast is a staple in bodybuilding and fitness circles for it’s high protein content and low (practically non-existent) fat and carb content. Leaner cuts of steak, lean ground beef, bison, veal and other red meats are muscle building superfoods that are packed with protein. Lean cuts like tenderloin are high in protein and fairly low in fat content, making it a delicious and welcome alternative to the usual protein sources.
Ensuring adequate protein consumption on a daily basis will expedite any fat loss or muscle building results by a surprisingly significant amount.

In terms of body composition, your macronutrient composition matters far more than the source of those macronutrients. Policies, pricing, and item availability are subject to change without notice, and Muscle & Strength reserves the right to limit quantities. But did you know that it might be even more important when you’re trying to shed those extra pounds? In other words, the bioavailability of the protein source is an important thing to consider. It’s a complete and quality source of amino acids that delivers the protein equivalent of a chicken breast filet at a fraction of the cost. They’ve also been largely exonerated from their reputation of yesteryear for being high in cholesterol.
To figure out your ideal protein intake, feel free to take a look at our article tackling that issue. You'll also get a free email series outlining the biggest time-wasting myths in the fitness industry today.We hate spam.

Factor in the convenience factor of whey protein shakes and you’ve got yourself a winning combination here.
The plain variety is essentially pure protein and lacks any flavour so I’d highly recommend adding your favorite whey protein to it as well as some some fruit or honey and stirring it up into a fruity sludge pudding. As usual, I like to promote a variety of things in moderation, but if you have a particular fondness for one or two of these things, don’t be afraid to build the bulk of your diet around them.
While Muscle & Strength tries in good faith to make sure that the information displayed is accurate, we are not responsible for typographical errors or technical inaccuracies.

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