Thus, when considering the best weight loss supplement for women, a solution that allows for some discretion and privacy is of primary importance. Meeting this need nicely is the ThinMist weight loss spray from Living Well Nutraceuticals, nearly the best natural weight loss supplement. The ingredients in ThinMist weight loss spray comprise a mix of growth factor complex, HGH stimulator and chromium. The basic idea behind ThinMist is increasing metabolism and developing lean muscle to burn body fat, a key factor in losing weight. It is known that as we age, HGH production in the body drops drastically — learn more in this Discovery Fit and Health article about effects of aging. ThinMist contains chromium, an essential nutrient that is known to keep blood sugar at healthy levels. In addition, regular use of ThinMist allows the body to sustain HGH production at high levels, promoting steady weight loss that is both safe and sure. For the morning dose, it’s best to take it within 10 minutes of waking, after which the usual morning drink can be had (but no food until half hour later). The use of HGH stimulator in ThinMist contrasts glaringly with HGH injection; the latter interferes with the body unnaturally and is fraught with side effects whilst costing a hefty price. Be mindful that ThinMist is not based on hCG, the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone that is produced during pregnancy.
Living Well’s ThinMist uses quality ingredients which are recommended by physicians for weight loss and supported by clinical studies.

For example, the New England Journal of Medicine reported a particular ingredient (present in ThinMist) is proven to melt away 14% of trapped body fat.
And the positive effects of chromium on health is widely discussed in the Journal of Trace Elements in Experimental Medicine.
Furthermore, the Chinese Journal of Microecology said clinical trials for chromium show it helps to get rid of abdominal fat, improve triglyceride levels and regulate total cholesterol with increased HDL. To top it off, the co-developer of ThinMist, Steven Hefferon, was himself an early adopter of this weight loss spray — he demonstrated visible results (see picture at right) and is oft-quoted in weight loss supplement reviews, such as seen here.
When looking for the best weight loss supplements for women, it is often easy to favor convenience over other factors. With so many people failing with ineffective weight loss methods, it is understandable why keeping it low key is desirable. For starters, its one-fluid-ounce bottle is small and light, easy to carry around wherever one goes.
In the minds of many, they are probably hoping to find an easy method to lose weight fast, not necessarily weight loss that works long term.
This is a potent formula that not only promotes weight loss but provides other health benefits as well. Among other things, HGH regulate the growth of the musculo-skeletal system and mediate the metabolic process. Stable blood sugar means no food cravings, hence no overeating, another important success factor in losing weight and keeping it off.

When used to supplement a sound regimen of healthy eating plans and exercise programs, one can be certain of reaching the final goal of weight loss: Success!
That’s because ThinMist weight loss spray uses sub-lingual delivery to reach into the body. In fact, the FDA has approved HGH shots only for treating stunted growth in children and certain adult conditions. Women now have another choice when it comes to effective dietary supplements for losing weight naturally. Especially for working women, this can help avoid unwanted attention, perhaps even embarrassment.
Within about 23 seconds of spraying, its ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream and get to work quickly. 500 calories) or starvation-like hCG diets that creates initial weight loss, not the hCG itself. This is way better than taking pills, since pills can lose their efficacy as they make their way through the digestive system.

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