According to the study, the problems associated with saturated fats have more to do with when you eat them than anything else.
Science has yet to determine exactly why, but studies show that saturated fat produces the most inflammation when eaten late at night.
Fortunately, Earnest says there’s a small fix if you smash a late-night slice of pizza to mitigate the damage from hours of drinking. Home Fitness & Bodybuilding What’s the Best Time to Eat Carbs, Protein, and Fats? With so many foods and supplements available, it’s hard to figure out what and when to eat based on your fitness goals. If you want to build lean muscle and lose fat, stick to protein and leafy greens or healthy fats. At bedtime, have a casein shake, cottage cheese or other foods containing slow digesting protein.
Your snacks can consist of protein, protein and complex carbs, or high-fat foods such as a handful of nuts or an avocado. Old school bodybuilders prefer fast digesting protein and simple carbs (plus amino acids, BCAAs, creatine, etc.) post workout. This means that you can skip carbs and stick to whey protein and amino acids (including glutamine and BCAAs) post workout.
With a busy, hectic schedule, it sometimes feels like a miracle if we manage to get enough sleep, eat balanced meals, and squeeze in time for exercise. Best time to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner: You should always eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Best time to weigh yourself: Weighing yourself first thing in the morning will provide you with the most accurate read on your weight, but if the morning doesn't work, make sure you weigh yourself at the same time — and on the same scale — to keep things consistent. Best time of the day to visit the doctor's office: If you need to go to the doctor, it's best to schedule your appointment first thing in the morning. Best time to cheat on a diet: If you want to sneak in one or two of your favorite foods on a particular day, there's actually an ideal time to indulge — and it might surprise you. Number 4, about kick-starting your metabolism, is a myth that was debunked several years ago by highly controlled research, but keeps resurfacing in blogs like this. How do you work out in the morning before breakfast and still eat breakfast within an hour of waking up?
So, if you know what kinds of fats to eat, when to eat them and what to avoid, then you can eat fat, and actually LOSE WEIGHT (NOTE: certain fats accelerate weight loss, read more below…)! Fats are very important in that they slow digestion and hence, reduce insulin secretion and at the same time, keep you from getting hungry quickly after a meal. The omega-3 fatty acids are said to be “essential” because they can not be produced by the body and must be obtained through our food sources.
This important fat is the building block of hormones, including those that regulate blood clotting, artery walls and inflammation. Statements made, or products sold through this web site, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

In a press release, they explain that a particular type of saturated fat (palmitate) resets some cells in your body to different time zones. Researchers from Texas A&M University believe they have pinpointed an optimal time to eat saturated fats in order to reduce their harmful effects.
In turn, that increases your risk for metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Most people have no idea when it’s the best time to drink protein shakes or eat simple sugars. What to eat between meals depends on your goals and daily macros as well as on when you work out. The right foods will boost your energy and stamina, accelerate fat loss, and improve mental focus. So, you can have a whey protein shake with or without dextrose, a post workout shake, or even a full meal. However, you can have a meal consisting of protein and complex carbs 1-2 hours after exercise. Dietary fats can slow the digestion and absorption of carbs and protein, affecting muscle recovery time. One study found that subjects who were put on a high-fat diet and worked out before breakfast gained no weight after six weeks, while those who worked out after breakfast gained three pounds.
Not only will this decrease your waiting-room time since you'll secure the first appointment of the day, but it also means you won't be overly hungry if you need to fast before a morning lab test.
One of the easiest ways to boost your metabolism first thing in the morning is to drink a cold glass of water. When it comes to carbs, celebrity trainer Bob Harper says the best time to enjoy carbs is for breakfast, and according to Dr.
I currently use the cross trainer rather than running due to knee pain but do about 90km a week plus floor work and weights but all has to be arranged around my food! If you exercise at any time as long as it's regular and strive to eat right all the time, you will be fine. That way, I'm not starving myself, I have enough energy to do my cardio and strength training, and I don't get cramps. Horrible for your heart, lipid and cholesterol levels and totally kills off your thyroid gland (which means you get FAT!). They are also beneficial because they create good hormones and enzymes, which are needed to build muscle, reduce body fat and keep your body looking and feeling YOUNG! Hence, you have some raw almonds … or a tea spoon of flaxseed oil in your protein shake or a bit of olive oil on top of your salad. These essential fatty acids (EFA) are key components of cell membranes throughout the body, especially the eye, brain and central nervous system (they also help to enhance our moods).
Many studies indicate that the omega-3 EFA from fish reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and can reduce the risk of stroke as well.
Many of your fat-burning hormones (GH, Leptin, Insulin, etc.) will NOT work without these fats.

If you eat your meals at sporadic times or consume saturated fats late at night, bolster your diet with foods high in omega-3s to counteract the negative effects.
There’s a lot of conflicting research about meal timing, so you should stick to the basics and adjust your diet along the way. Fats slow down protein absorption, so your muscles will receive a constant supply of protein during sleep. We published a detailed post on what to eat before a workout, so make sure you check it out. If you delay these times, you're going to be hungry, and the hungrier you are, the more likely you are going to cheat and eat fatty junk food. If you go grocery shopping when you are hungry and blood sugar levels are low, it impairs your judgment.
When you exercise in the morning, you kick-start your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. When I come home an hour later, I immediately have my breakfast that also includes my whey protein shake. When you do end up eating bad fats (hey, it happens every time you eat out and very hard to prevent), then make sure you take some CHEATmeals™  to block the bad fats and carbohydrates from being absorbed and help accelerate your weight loss!
The study also found that the later we eat foods chock full of saturated fats, the more likely they are to disrupt our body's internal clocks — and, as a result, exacerbate any inflammatory response to the foods we eat.
I'm one of the few nutrition specialists offering psychology-based weight management services. If you're hungry while food shopping, you'll be more likely to buy unhealthy sugary or fattening treats.
Both work to fuel and energize your body, but when you enjoy them in the morning, you have ample time to burn them off all day. With a background in Endocrinology and Psychology, his goal is to help optimize your health naturally, by utilizing simple, efficient and proven methods.
This leads us to feel sluggish and may screw with our ability to get to bed at a decent hour. Many gym goers end up making costly mistakes, such as eating fats post workout or simple carbs at night. Studies also indicate than the body doesn’t need more than 30 grams of carbs post workout anyway. Oz, the big rule of thumb is that you need to have dinner more than three hours before you go to bed so that you don't hit the hay with a full belly of food that hasn't been properly digested.
Adding leafy greens and other anti-inflammatory edibles will likely, research shows, aid the reboot.Follow Katherine on Twitter.

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