If your goals consist of losing weight by shedding unwanted hard to lose fat, tightening, toning, and shaping your body, building lean muscle that will fire up your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine. Do you need to look your best for your wedding, your high school reunion, that special life event?
10 months later, I now have energy, I’m healthy, in shape and feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life. This is the first year, perhaps ever, that I am actually looking forward to bikini season!!
Incorporating Meal Planning:  While at home you will enjoy the simplicity of following our healthy meal plans while preparing your daily meals. If you could kick start your metabolism, lose your unwanted body fat, tighten and tone your figure, improve your eating habits, enhance your life-style & sustain your energy levels, would that be worth making an investment in yourself? Sick of having to wear “big girls & boys” clothes because you cannot fit into anything else.
The first step of your transformation is determining your specific nutrition needs and getting your mind and body focused on the journey ahead. Do you know that 80% of your results come from your eating habits and 20% come from your efforts so why is everyone doing the opposite thing? Topics Covered: Your health history, specific goals, training schedule, your daily routine, your current eating habits, nutrition assessment, Your new meal plan, Your weight & measurements, Your body fat %, Your customized program! Now that we have determined your current daily nutrition habits, your specific goals and have a game plan in place, its time to put your Fitness program together.
Topics Covered: Your heart rate including resting, recovery, and fat burning zones, Your lab results (if applicable), Your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, core strength and power! Now that we have everything in order you will have a game plan and the necessary steps you will need to take to achieve your specific fitness & nutrition goals! 1) When people try to diet, they usually just lower down their calorie consumption of the day. 4) Furthermore, it is much better to eat five tiny meals each day as opposed to three huge ones. 6) If you tend to be a very busy person that doesn’t have time to always eat healthy, consider to take one day out of each week to cook all your meals. Many people tend to pin point the areas they dislike about themselves the most and try to do exercises that solely focuses on those areas. Losing weight in general can be very boring when you don’t have a companion pushing you to do your best in the gym or stay on your diet. Losing weight can certainly be a much easier and less intimidating task when you implement the tips and advice above. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged healthy eating, healthy liviing, tips, weight loss. If you are looking for structure, guidance, and direction in the kitchen with the end result being long term-weight management then look no further the 12 Weeks To a New You personal training and nutrition program.
Bob thought he would never build muscle and lose fat at age 51 let alone lose 20 pounds in just 12 short weeks! I was at the lowest point in my emotional life and my physical self reflected my depression.
I cannot wait to see the end result and I encourage everyone to take that terrifying first step.
Starting at a beginner level and challenging you as you progress through the 3 level program.  The 12 Weeks To A New You program is designed to give you a tighter, toned physique at the same time  teach you how to workout efficiently, develop healthy eating habits, and Kick start your metabolism!  Your custom 12 week  program is designed to assist you in diminishing your love handles, shrinking your stomach fat, all while shaping, tightening and toning up your body! All meal plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks for you to enjoy utilizing The Las Vegas Meal Plans desktop program and Smartphone App available exclusively at PI4L Fitness & Nutrition. During your initial session, The Body & Nutrition Assessment, You will meet privately with a Certified Weight Management Nutrition Coach.

During this 90 minute session together, we will dissect your current eating habits, Take your weight and measurements, and give you the tools necessary to begin seeing the results that you desire from your program! Because everyone has different strengths and challenges and we want your workout to be safe, effective, challenging, yet attainable, you will go through a private Fitness Evaluation. Your personal trainer will determine a program that best suits your needs as well as your abilities. Although this can help you to lose weight, the results you see won’t be visible right away. Losing weight can be very confusing when you don’t have any knowledge on nutrition facts. These foods include red bell peppers, apples, broccoli, yogurt, almonds, oatmeal, and so fourth.
Make sure that you properly refrigerate them so that they do not get spoiled, and every time you are out, you won’t have to worry about caving into fast food. Honestly, you can’t lose fat or weight in just one area, as the body can only get smaller if you workout the entire body. While losing weight, consider having a friend by your side for the first couple weeks so that you can stay motivated. When you know how to implement the best healthy eating methods to your life, that is when you will see the results you have always been waiting to see. Work with a Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Nutrition Coach from PI4L Fitness & Nutrition Coaching and learn how to take your body to the next level! Are you dreading summers at the pool because your body has become unflattering and out of shape? I went from 220lbs to 190lbs, I’m toned, have strength and have muscles for the first time in my life. Training beside a Las Vegas Personal Trainer at PI4L Fitness & Nutrition you will feel more energetic, become stronger,  look amazing, and feel great about yourself in 12 short weeks! You even get a grocery list that makes shopping a no-brainer, customized for your taste buds and best of all,  accessible through our exclusive Smartphone App! If you had only 12 weeks to change your life, what steps would you need to take to do just that?
The 12 Weeks To a New You  program will do all of the above and more at just 3 private sessions per week . During this comprehensive private session your coach will design a program that will fit your lifestyle, help you accomplish your goals, and fits within your budget! Working out without complete nutrition and eating right without proven workouts are both incomplete programs! The purpose of The Fitness evaluation is to determine your physical abilities, strengths and challenges, keeping your workouts fun, effective and putting your safety first! Losing weight involves a ton of hard work and a lot of determination, as without those two vital things, you won’t see your desired results. Your diet must be completely balanced from the protein to the sodium, and from the sugar to the carbs. If cravings happen to be your weakness, try drinking one glass of water before every meal so that you won’t feel the need to eat more than you should.
These foods have been proven to help speed up the metabolism while also promoting more regulated bowel movements. Avoid eating fast no matter how busy you may be, because when you eat fast, your body will obviously not digest it as fast at it can.
If you want to lose fat in your legs, you will also need to workout your arms and core, it just works that way. When you are all alone trying to diet and exercise, you will find yourself constantly contemplating whether to continue your lifestyle change or not.

To compliment your fitness program our Certified Weight Management Nutrition Coach will provide you with delicious, easily prepared, meal plans complete with online login access & Smartphone App,  including powerful dietary secrets that help you burn fat and shape and tone your muscle faster than you ever though possible!  This accelerated 12 week fitness and nutrition program has been helping Las Vegas residents, just like you, get in the best shape possible, in the shortest amount of time,and now perhaps it’s your turn! Are you nearing middle age and have noticed that you can no longer lose weight effortlessly like before? By following the special Nutrition plan that Mark set up I now have great eating habits and I know that they will be with me for life.
The 12 weeks To a New You Program was the perfect solution to both of their problems, could it be the solution that you have been searching for? I felt as though I could be completely honest about my eating habits, my exercise habits (which were non-existent) and my emotional dependence upon food. This program is designed to help you  lose up to 20 pounds in 12 weeks by incorporating structured meal planning and proven strength training routines into your lifestyle.  If you need to lose more than 20 pounds you may be a perfect candidate for The Engineering4Life Total Body Transformation Program. All foods are purchased at your local grocery store and contain common brand names that you know and trust! Close your eyes and Imagine for a moment a new, improved you.  How do you picture yourself 12 weeks from this moment? Once your Body & Nutrition Assessment is completed your will meet with your Certified Personal Trainer for your second session, The Fitness Evaluation.
Your doctor shouldn’t prescribe medicine without first doing an assessment and neither should a personal fitness trainer!
If you find being fit and eating healthy to be a tough task, then you must consider to implement a couple tips to your life to broaden your entire weight loss knowledge.
This takes a lot of willpower, but once you do get the hang of it, you will be losing weight like crazy. Just make sure that the meals are completely portioned out properly, because you do not want to eat five big meals everyday.
The moment you eliminate fast food and alternate those meals with fresh nutrient rich meals, you will immediately shed off pure fat that your body doesn’t need. If you want lose weight in your stomach area, you have to workout your legs and arms as well to see it shrink. However, with a fitness buddy, you will be able to take control of your life better since there is someone with a similar objective supporting you throughout your journey.
Is it your turn to finally get fit, get healthy, look and feel youthful & energetic and feel better than you have in years? If so our Las Vegas personal trainers and the 12 Weeks To A New You Program is just what you need to get back on track! The program combines private personal training sessions with with structured meal plans designed for your body type, lifestyle, and specific goals.
We take all the guess work out of your meal planning and make it EASY for YOU to achieve your goals.
In order to truly see a positive change your life physically, you must be ready to make the needed changes. You do not want to eat anything that the has been processed, because the nutrients that are in them are no longer there nor are they fresh. So instead of looking good being your main goal, consider to make being healthy to be your main goal.
Please read on to learn more about each component featured in The 12 Weeks To a New You Program! Weight loss is a by product of healthy eating and exercise, so no matter what, you will see results.

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