We hope these quotes will inspire you and motivate you to stay on track and live a stronger healthier life. Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD Program is the world’s largest most scientific based weight loss fitness DVD program.
Our Medical DoctorsGet better results learning directly from our amazing team of Armageddon medical doctors. Taught by 14 instructors that are real degreed scientist, doctors, fitness experts and champion athletes! Armageddon is the only weight loss fitness program taught by 14 real degreed scientists, medical doctors, fitness experts, and champion athletes instructors. Armageddon is currently the only truly personalized weight loss fitness DVD program on the market.
Plus, programs such as P90X, Insanity and Biggest Loser tend to lack the serious scientific knowledge that is required to achieve true sustainable results.

Armageddon is far superior to nutrition programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, both of which do not provide any fitness instruction. In addition, each participant not only receives a truly personalized nutrition program, exercise regimen, and weight loss scientific instructions, each person is also assigned a professional health coach to help them through the journey. It is the only fitness video program that comes with personalized Nutrition Plans, Personalized Cardio Plans, Personalized Grocery Shopping List, Customized Sports Injury Plans and Science of Weight Loss Plan! The next time you go to your local gym ask to speak to their biochemist and see the response you get.
It is scientifically impossible to become toned without effective exercise; Neither of these program provides any DVD instructions on fitness. Not only is the fitness program progressive, the knowledge base is also progressive as well.
Carlos lost 238 pounds with Armageddon, more weight than any other fitness or weight loss program on the market.

Only with all aspects addressed can participants reach their health and fitness goals in a safer, effective, sustainable and healthy way.
Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD Program personalize your workouts for men, women, with beginner and intermediate exercises and for all fitness levels. Lose weight, get toned, get stronger with amazing strength training exercises and more flexible with yoga!
14 Hours of workout videos make Armageddon the world’s largest workout DVD program ever created!

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