Around My Family TableI believe getting together around the supper table is important for all families. When shopping for healthy foods, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your dollar.
While packaged veggies, fruits, and salads are super convenient, prepared food is generally more expensive.
You can find great deals that you can print from home or load to your loyalty card. Saving Star now features a healthy item of the week.
Bulk bins, typically located near the produce section, are a great way to save money on healthy items. Most grocery stores are designed in a specific way to encourage you to shop and spend money as you wander through.
Most of the recipes on AMFT will be gluten free, dairy free, and egg free due to my allergies starting in Jan 2013; however, you will find archives of my traditional recipes too.

Broccoli, bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, plain Greek yogurt, and eggs are some good inexpensive examples. For example, a prepared package of cut up fruit usually costs at least twice as much as buying whole fruit.
Other companies that regularly offer produce coupons include: Earthbound Farm, Organic Girl, Fresh Express, Chiquita Bananas, Dole, Nature Sweet, and Del Monte.
Knowing the layout of your store, sticking to the perimeter, and shopping with a list can save you from the grocery store trap.
Frozen veggies, such as peas, are picked at their freshest and typically aren’t loaded with sodium like their canned counterparts. Make sure you compare the cost of packaged items and the price per weight to insure you are getting a deal. Farmer’s Markets, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and Co-ops (such as Bountiful Baskets) can save you money because you are cutting out the middle man and getting your food directly rather than in the store.

Unless you are shopping for your bulk or pantry items, you can usually avoid the middle aisles.
Plan ahead and find which stores in your area have the cheapest produce. By cooking at home, you are in control of ingredients and the cost of your meals. The typical store will have produce, natural foods, meats, dairy, and the bakery on the perimeter. Maybe even take a moment after your grocery trip to wash and chop for the week ahead so it’s ready to go when you need it. By creating a meal plan and grocery lists you can avoid costly pitfalls and keep the junk food out of your cart.

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