When you are expecting a baby, you should be very careful in planning the daily diet which influences the health of the mother as well as the baby. Every one of us will be under the impression that a pregnant women should take the extra quantity of food than earlier but no one thinks about what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy.
You need not give up the urge to eat the fish when you pregnant but it is advisable to only few types of fishes which contain less mercury. Under cooked or uncooked meat is not safe for a pregnant women because it contains a bacteria called listeria which is very harmful. Everybody insists to drink plenty of milk during pregnancy because it provides with sufficient calcium, proteins and all other essential nutrients. An expecting mother should avoid unpasteurized soft cheeses because it contains the bacteria called listeria which may result in miscarriages, premature births, or any birth defects.
It is unbelievable that most of the people eat the fruits and vegetables with out washing them. It is true that sprouts provides many beneficial nutrients to the human body especially for a pregnant women.
As we all know that nuts are very healthy for a human body but they may produce some skin related disorders on the body like allergies or rashes or swelling of the parts of the body. These are the top 12 foods that a pregnant women has to avoid to deliver a healthy and  strong baby.

This is because mercury in fishes has the possibility to damage the fetus or may create any complications after eating. Homemade desserts and sauces, cakes may contain the raw eggs mixed which should be avoided.
But remember that the pregnant women should not take the unpasteurized milk because it may lead to food poisoning. But eating raw vegetable sprouts is harmful because they contain the harmful bacteria and viruses which may lead to food poisoning. Hence, before eating any kind of nuts, please consult your doctor if you see any symptoms on the skin in the initial stage. These salads are delicious in restaurants but they are safe for pregnant women because the fruits and veggies used in the salads may not be prepared under hygienic surroundings, may not be cooked properly or may not be washed properly. Definitely yes, but these juices which are available outside contains bacteria like E.Coli and salmonella which may harm you and your baby.
Canned foods are nothing but they contain added preservatives in order to store for a long periods of time.
It also contains harmful parasites which may cause food poisoning, vomiting, nausea for the expecting mothers.
Hence, drink well boiled and pasteurized milk or dairy products to prevent any sort of health risks.

They contain the harmful bacteria and parasites which are harmful for the developing fetus. Hence, it is better to drink packaged fruit juices since they are pasteurized and does no harm.
Hence,limit the intake of coffee for only 2 cups a day if you really want to have coffee in your daily diet. And also refrigerated and smoked sea foods, raw and uncooked fishes and fishes exposed to contaminated pollutants should be avoided.Hence, read the labels to check the level of mercury before eating and you can have the fish from the fresh waters. Hence, avoid under cooked or raw meat or poultry  and if at all you are consuming see that it is washed properly before cooking.
Hence, wash the fruits and veggies thoroughly before eating and cook the veggies properly and completely.

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