If you want to look gorgeous and attractive then fitness is key for you so must get ideas through Bhumi Pednekar Weight Loss Diet Chart Pictures Workout Routine Exercise Photos. She used to eat pizza at the time of her breakfast and also Mughlai menu and also mitahi so that she can attain 90 kg for her film. She likes to have home-cooked meals, she likes to have juices, morning walk, neem and also tulsi juice. She has all the time have light kind of workout because she fad a few injuries in her past time.
She also likes to be taking up on these vegetable and also fresh fruit juices, she just avaoid having added sugar in them.

She starts her day with a long morning walk, she does the gym of about 15 minutes of cardio exercises and then they are followed by 40 minutes of weight training. Now comment on Bhumi Pednekar Weight Loss Diet Chart Pictures Workout Routine Exercise Photos. If you have seen and watched that Dum Laga Ke Haisha then we are sure that you must have been the fan of this celeb! She fights with her craving for carbohydrates by not eating white rice and also wheat, she then takes missi rotis that have been made of chane ka aata, at times, she also take rajgira aata rotis.  She enjoys a heavy breakfast that have ben comprising of a large bowl of fruits or it can also be a peanut butter and also  jelly toast or it can also be toast with Nutella.
Her age is 30, she has make her debut from the YRF banner with this film named as Dum Laga Ke Haisha, it was opposite with Ayushmaan and we have seen that right from her first film, she managed to get much appreciation from her fans.

Though she has admitted that food makes her happy but she also well know that how to lose her weight! She also likes to have chicken sausages.  At the time for lunch, she likes to have tandoori roasted, that has to be made with minimal oil.

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