Melissa Wright, a health & fitness coach, would love to help make a turnaround in your life. As you can see, these are in order of highest to lowest. So the foods with higher purine content are more likely to create uric acid inside your body .
Following a uric acid diet to lower the risk of gout symptoms is definitely part of the kill gout plan, but it’s not the whole story. One more time, having a low uric acid diet is one important part of killin’ gout (and there’s more to it) but let’s get this one dialed in. Moving over to the other side of the chart, as you can see, fruits and vegetables give us more of the lower uric acid diet we want.
This is important – organ meats, what they make sweetbreads out of, (I guess) are super-concentrated sources of uric-acid-producing purines . Another thing that should be on the chart that qualifies as part of a high uric acid diet is . To get you started on lowering your uric acid, here is a sample diet plan of meals I make for myself. For a fruit smoothie, take some bananas, frozen strawberries or cherries, a raw egg, oat milk, and some whey protein powder. When you’re going for granola and yogurt, buy high quality ingredients – really good organic granola with a lot of nuts in it and plain, raw whole milk, or certified organic yogurt. As for the vegetable omelet, first saute a little broccoli, asparagus, and some mushrooms – it doesn’t take much. To put it all together, lay down a small bed of rice in the bottom of a big bowl, then add a huge heap of steamed broccoli, then some of the chili beans (not too many because of the purines) then top off with chopped up avocado, red bell peppers and the juice of a whole lime. Here we change the game a little bit – on this low uric acid diet, we go a little easier on dinner. A few of things that I didn’t get on this uric acid diet list for you are oat milk, organic plain yogurt, raw cheddar cheese, and grated Parmesan cheese.
Dairy is an important part of rounding out a complete gout uric acid diet but I didn’t want to distract you with a complete category of it and make too big a deal of it.

I know you don’t know me and I wanted to thank you for your time, your efforts, and suggestions in helping me overcome this and hopefully ending these flare ups once and for all.
Getting a uric acid diet figured out is only one part of the gout puzzle.  This and the rest of the puzzle can be found in my handbook:  Kill Your Gout NOW!
I have a lot of people ask me about what I use for a list when I go shopping, so I decided to make a list of the absolute staples that I look for when I head to the grocery store or farmer’s market. You want to look at your plate and see food that pretty much looks like how it came from the earth. Photo junkie, crafty, oudoorsy chick with a flair for graphic design and digital marketing. There are many components of various diets that fit well for helping people struggling with gout, but there is not a “one-size-fits-all”.
There are 28 grams in an ounce – so 4oz of any of these tasty morsels is basically going to produce the number of milligrams of purines you see on the uric acid diet chart above. Knowing how to treat gout naturally is much more than just what is on this uric acid diet chart. From all my research I found there are a small percentage of people out there eating ox livers, pigs spleens, and calf’s lungs . This is a rough guide to give you some ideas – make adjustments and substitutions as needed – and find more dietary considerations in my Kill Your Gout NOW Handbook.
Use some chard, kale, or lettuce leaves (organic of course) and roll up some high quality ham, chicken, or turkey slices in them.
Start here – red lettuce, celery, apricots, apple, garbanzo beans, tomato, avocado, almonds, and fresh sprouts – use mostly the lettuce and a little of everything else. Steaming usually involves just one or two vegetables like broccoli and carrots – clean and simple. It’s also worth mentioning that if you can, get yourself some organic, whole, raw cow or goat milk (if it’s available in your area). It is a very complete and nutritious source of protein, and vitamins and minerals. So unless you have a cookie tree in the back yard, you should probably only reserve those for special days.

A good example is the Atkins Diet; if done correctly, it can produce excellent results but it is typically not a good choice for those with gout – it is essentially a HIGH uric acid diet. Uric acid is a chemical that gets created by your body itself and inside your body by the breakdown of purines .
Get creative – use some stone ground mustard, some bits of hot peppers, spices like cayenne and turmeric, and preventing gout won’t be all that bad. Keep it simple – pour some high quality olive oil over it all, then some apple cider vinegar, a dash of sea salt and some black pepper, a sprinkle of cayenne and turmeric and . The grilled chicken, grilled salmon, or pan-fried tofu are all interchangeable – remember: 4 – 6 oz at the most! With the stir-fry you can really turn your “inner artist” loose and start with some coconut oil, garlic and onions, peppers, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and the whole wide world of all the rest of the vegetables. Studies like these referred to in the New England Journal of Medicine have shown that high quality dairy decreases risk of gout.
A nice little pile of certified organic raw sharp cheddar cheese goes on top of that, and then fold it up and finish it off. This represents a high concentration of purines, and in eating them, a monster-size gout attack is likely to descend upon you. Top with slices of a half an avocado and a little more cheddar cheese and that is a great way to start the day on a uric acid diet plan. First, it’s got to be whole grain brown rice. It takes an hour to cook, but first you need to soak the rice for at least an hour, then drain and rinse.
Rinse and strain them, put them in a bowl, and mix with some olive oil and a few shakes of chili powder, cayenne and sea salt. Learning about cellular health and alkalizing (neutralizing acidity) is far more important than getting obsessed with a uric acid diet.

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