From there we’ve taken to little forays out into Derbyshire somewhere, finding Britstops, CLs and pubs to stay in.
Ju had called the farmer and confirmed we could stay the night, using her newly invented verb: ‘to Britstop’. The next pub turned out to be a joyful parking spot, with our hab door opening up straight onto a view of the river next to us, the cool water rushing along, creating the kind of background noise we so loved when alongside the sea. The following morning we nipped up a promising-looking footpath across a wooden bridge to find it opened up on the Monsal Trail, one of the old steam railway routes transformed into a footpath.
We find britstops a godsend -sometimes and the passion france system in France I can really recommend too.. Monday to Friday I am Jason Buckley, the IT Project Manager, shirted if not tied, and booted if not suited.
This Friday we sat alone in a farmer’s field, one of the Britstop locations, in serene silence. Usage example: ‘are you OK for us to Britstop tonight?’ So far everyone’s understood her, and welcomed us in, putting zero pressure on us to buy stuff. Our range is limited by the fact we can’t be bothered to drive further than 30 or 40 mins, and we’re slowly starting to use up those locations a stone’s throw from us. Our old van Dave had incredible ground clearance, which might explain how we got across Ukraine scarless. Despite plenty of opportunities for wing mirror whacking (touch wood) as we shifted locations, we’re still scrapeless. Zagan’s shower head found its way into a cup of Lidl diet coke to clear some limescale, which Ju finished off with a needle.

Most folks were bright enough to be biking it, but we ambled along for miles through cuttings in millions-years old limestone, 400m tunnels and across a man-made ledge.
Sunday evening’s drawing in, time for a kip and Mr Project Manager to awaken and rush off to the office in the morning. If you click through to Amazon using this link then those nice Amazon folks give us a share of anything you buy. We had fun hosting two families yesterday- old friends for lunch who were passing through the area on their way to upstate NY and new local friends for the evening. I'm Laura- a Holistic Health Coach and RRCA running coach in the greater NYC area with an MSW. Come Friday evening, I’m outta there like a wayward firework, legging it from the office to the Smart car, flying down the M1 (sometimes exceeding 60mph in my rush), picking up Ju and the prepped and bagged weekend goodies from The Cooler and nipping the last mile up to Zagan, sat patiently in storage. Ju fired up her phone and searched for motorhome stopovers, finding a pub adjacent to a flowing green-banked river, which had allowed vans to stay in the past. There’s something about having a shower in a car park, something magical for a fool like me!
More like something from the Cinque Terre than a wander in Debryshire, the views out over the countryside were pretty damned beautiful too. It was a full day of entertaining, grilling, kids playing, and perfect weather to sit outside and relax with our wine. I love helping other moms and athletes meet their health and fitness goals especially overcoming sugar cravings, finding the best foods for their individual body type, and practicing self-compassion in the process. Please consult your doctor with any medical issues, or before beginning a training program.

A herd of butter-coloured cows in the next field paid us scant attention as we chilled for the night, literally, firing the heating up in the morning. Surrounded by cyclists the following morning we tucked into a huge fry up each in the cafe, having listened with smiling eyes to the tough old farmer telling us of harder times, when folks would smoke used and dried tea leaves, as “no baccy could be ‘ad”. Later comments pointed out groups of vans had started to stay, which had peeved the locals (fair enough), so Ju called to ask if we were OK to sleep there, on the basis we bought a meal. His front end has a kind of grey speed-skirt wrapped around the front wheels, which made it a bit difficult to get him onto the ramps without snapping it all off. Ju’s more relieved than I am, as Zagan is a left-hooker, so she’ll be much closer to the action if any ‘road kissing’ does take place… To my relief, he’s slowly starting to feel ‘normal’ sized as I drive along, although 2 years of driving a Smart car are proving hard to get out of my system. Inside, with us grinning and refreshed, the pub landlady turned out to be an open soul, telling us of her lost pooches who had passed away at ripe old ages.
Jackpot, they only took a single van per night now, and had one already in, but our fellow vanners had stayed the previous night and were leaving. I’ve stuck retire in quotes as we both have stacks of energy still, and we aren’t going to be retiring in the traditional sense of the word.
In all honesty the food was average, but the welcome and the location more than made up for it.
The money we earn, if any, will be in addition to what we need and would perhaps pay for blowout stuff like visiting Antartica, some such.

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