I am still losing, although right now I am building more muscle but I am actively on track to continue to lose. Large Families on Purpose: Losing the "Baby Weight", Part 1 - The Diet Plan That Helped Me Lose 64 Pounds Finally!
Shopping for our diet dinners was simply a matter of adding to our grocery list the meat we desired, and the vegetables.
Even after I cut my portion sizes down, when eating at a friend's house I would always bring the full 8 oz.

I also realized I was starting to get past middle age and soon my health was going to start showing signs of wear and tear.
My friends and even relatives do not recognize me and I am more confident in everything I do.
I used 3 Week Diet to keep me motivated and to learn tricks and tips on how to get fit and healthy. And the family loves both of these soup recipes so it's nice to fix this for all of us together and I just add cheese and corn chips to the children's meal.

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