Indian women are seen to not take this seriously at the initial stage and only worry at the time when issues come up while planning to have a baby. Eating well and maintaining an active daily routine, will not eradicate the syndrome and its symptoms entirely, but will definitely help reduce the associated health risks.
Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from person to person.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is condition of hormonal imbalance in women which gives rise to many symptoms like irregularity in menstruation or no periods at all, excessive hair growth on body and face, acne, skin patches and also problems in conceiving.

It is therefore necessary that all women take the condition seriously and take appropriate measure to curb the long term consequences. This condition can also lead to obesity, sleeping disorders, mood disorders and even heart diseases. Distribute the carbohydrate consumption evenly between your meals and keep the proportion of carbs with respect to proteins and other nutrients low. There is no cure found to permanently end PCOS, however, certain lifestyle changes may prove to be helpful.

Restrain yourself from consuming carbohydrates in the form of chocolate or refined sugars as they can trigger hunger pangs.
The source any be any; a timely help and Initiation on your part can make life much better and fulfilling for PCOS patents.

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