Kim Kardashian is in the news these days about her weight loss journey after baby boy saint. Kim Kardashian already lost 30 lbs since her second child born in the month of December 2015 and now she has lost 40 lbs more. In an exclusive interview with the Inquisitor, Colette Heimowitz, the vice president of nutrition and education at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., is working with Kardashian directly revealed that why Kim Kardashian has chosen the Atkins diet?
So, weight loss goal of Kim Kardashian begun when she gained 60 pounds during pregnancy and 10 extra pounds since few years and that is the actual reason that made Kim to desperate about weight loss. After losing 40 lbs more weight, she will again carry the perfect and sexy body which she used to. The 35 year old celebrity and also the star of keeping up with kardashians also used this Atkins diet in the past too when she delivered her first baby girl.
Because Kim Kardashian wanted a healthy and balanced way to lose weight and she already experienced the great success in the past with this diet. Kim says that she is very candid about her weight gain as well as her determination get back pre pregnancy body. Kim is determined to lose up to 70 lbs because she gained 60 lbs weight during her second pregnancy and she said that she is carrying 10 lbs of weight since few years before getting pregnant.
She says that I am determined to lose post pregnancy weight after my baby boy born and in order to achieve my weight loss goal successfully.
She lost her first post pregnancy weight by following low carbs diet by Atkins plan after her baby girl North has born in 2013. Kim has set a goal to lose more 40 pounds and if you are wondering that how fast Kim will be able to lose weight, the amount of weight loss varies from person to person explained the Colette. She add that that while losing weight after baby is really a very hard work but she is feeling happiness in this process because she is about to gain her pre pregnancy body.

So, now she has to lose 70 lbs weight and according to Kim, this is the right time to achieve her goal of weight loss.
Kim Kardashian is not at all hesitating to share her that which diet plan she opted to lose weight. Atkins was a well known cardiologist and he always suggests his patients to limit the intake of sugar and carbohydrates.
She says that she hates the whole feeling of being pregnant and she enjoys the challenge of getting back of pre pregnancy body. She wants to complete her New Year resolution about weight loss as soon as possible but all should be done step by step and in natural way. On her twitter account, she revealed her fans that she has chooses Atkins diet to lose weight.
As a result many patients lost the biggest portion of weight in all the natural way and kept it off. Kim Kardashian says that she is carrying 10 lbs more weight since few years and the total weight she wants to lose is 70 lbs but she already lost 30 lbs and more 40 lbs weight loss journey is on the peak.
Anyway, it was all about the most famous celebrity Kim Kardashian but if you also want to get back your pre pregnancy body or simply wants to get slim, sexy and fit body, you should also follow the expert advice. His patients also lost the weight successfully who previously been unsuccessful on regular low calorie diet. Atkins 40 is especially designed to lose weight at a healthy pace instead of quick fix for people. Getting the fit and healthy body doesn’t require a very hard work but it requires the determination just like Kim Kardashian. So, the bottom line is that our metabolism uses two types of fuel for energy that is sugar (carbs that quickly turned in the sugar) or fat.

She promised her fans that Kim will share her workouts on her app and she will also share her Atkins diet plans too. Here is a weight loss program which may help you in getting your dream body in just 12 weeks. This weight loss program is not for everyone but is especially designed for women and it works according to female metabolism. So, if you want to learn more about how to reduce 3 dress sizes in just a week or how to get dream body in 12 week, please visit the official website.
As a result, those people always in cycle between high sugar (where excess sugar stored as fat in the body) and low sugar (where they feel fatigue and ravenously hungry for more carbs and sugar). But using Atkins diet helps you limit the consumption of carbs (sugar) and bodies tend to burn fat which includes the body fats too. So, consuming low carbs foods makes your body steady fueled and you even lose the weight instead of using high calories.
Meaning of steady fueling is that you get more constant energy for all day long with feeling of less hunger and cravings. So, if you are also one of them who want to lose weight for any reason and your counting of calories intake hasn’t work, you can also try low carbs diet.

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