According to Us Weekly, Miranda started her weight loss journey after two unflattering photos of her were published in tabloids. Miranda now swaps things like bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches for a high fiber green juice that gives a great vitamin A and C boost. What makes changing your lifestyle better than just being on a diet is that you can set your own rules.

Read about Miranda’s workout routine, easy diet tricks and what singers get her motivated below! The country singer not only looks amazing but has adopted some healthier habits that we have to share with you. Having lost 45 pounds, according to a dietician, the star looks spectacular and has left us all asking the question: How did she do it!?

For a snack, instead of Cheetos, which Miranda admitted that she loves more than anything else, the star will opt for high-fiber, low-calorie nuts.

What to eat in a high protein low carb diet
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