I used to tell people a good workout regimen with an okay diet would do more good than a bad workout regimen with a good diet.
BUT, over the years I’ve come to realize this actually did, and does, more harm than good.  For a number of reasons and realizations I NOW believe, and have proof, that clearly indicate a good diet and a bad workout are better for weight loss than a good workout and an okay diet. So, if you’re serious about losing weight, especially if you are serious about letting that 6-pack shine through, your diet has to be as good, if not better, than your exercise.
So, if you did work out today, don’t necessarily think you can eat a few extra Oreo’s just because you did – use a heart rate monitor and FIGURE OUT HOW MANY CALORIES YOU’RE BURNING before you start packing on the calories just because you hit the weights today. So, you can either run an extra 20 minutes a day or simply not eat 3 Oreo cookies (a decision you make in less than 3 seconds). But throw a glass of whole milk or a slice of buttered bread in the equation and you’d see me running all day for either of those two items.

But not everyone loves buttered bread nor milk as much as I do…and not everyone prefers to extend their workout just to have that extra piece of tasteful bliss…. So, I’d suggest looking closely at your own personal diet and selecting one item to remove per week. The only caveat here is that people can give up a workout at the drop of a dime, but when the time comes to drop that dessert…let’s just say this very rarely gets dropped!
In other words, if you do plan to take the diet approach, sans working out, THEN STICK TO YOUR DIET!!! If working out contributes to weight loss, which means our basal metabolic rate will decrease, which means we’ll have to eat even fewer calories to continue to lose weight, why would anyone in their right mind diet AND workout?
So, if you have, and are maintaining muscle mass via resistance training, your muscles will utilize calories to maintain their existence.

Yes, strength training does have awesome benefits in terms of maintaining weight loss, BUT REMEMBER TO NOT OVEREAT JUST BECAUSE YOU WEIGHT TRAIN!
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