Young Again Carnivore RAW supplements are fully fortified with multiple amino acids including taurine, DHA for brain and heart development and a full complement of vitamins and minerals. Our food does NOT contain tomatoes; it does contain tomato pomace which is both the soluble and insoluble fiber portion of the tomato. Our food does NOT contain herbs it does contain rosemary extract to help preserve the product.  We do not use the oil. Pork protein concentrate is a highly digestible pork meat which is 80% protein, 10 % fat and very low in ash. There is a big difference potato is roughly 8% plant protein and potato starch contains no plant protein hence the name potato starch. We are only interested in one molecule “Carnosic Acid” which is extracted from the Rosemary and is water soluble.

All cats (with the exception of sick or neurotic individuals) should be fed free choice with the Young Again food.
If you restrict feed your cat then you will be instilling in your cat the perception that there is a food shortage and they will begin to over consume. This acid dramatically boosts the effectiveness of the Tocopherols to naturally stabilize the fats and oils in our food.
Remember the concentration camp survivors who decade’s latter still carry food around with them at all times: let’s not do this to a healthy cat.
A normal cat will not over eat my food if you don’t believe me I would prefer you feed your cat someone else’s food. Think of it this way: you are given one cracker to eat every 10 minuets most people could continue this all day long.

Now you have to eat an equal strip of beef jerky every 10 minutes: most people could not continue this for more than a few hours.
Your cat will process the Young Again cat food at a rate that will sync with their metabolism and they will not overeat like they do on the other cat foods.

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