EXCLUSIVE: Top-Secret Method allowed a young mother from Manila to break the world record: 12kg in 4 weeks!
For the past couple of months our readers have been going crazy over two weight loss products that are helping men and women across the world get rid of the fat around their bodies.
However, the biggest achievement so far has been that of 36-year-old Stephanie Welding from Manila who has lost 24kg in less than 2 months, without any diet or exercise!
My lifestyle had never made it easy for me to lose weight, I've always been a sweet-tooth and didn't feel like going to the gym or taking too much care of myself, so I wasn't really a slim, attractive kind of girl.
It wasn't too nice to hear, but I can't blame him as I'd really let myself go, especially in the last 4 years. I remember that sunny, brisk day and the peaceful atmosphere that in no way indicated the tremendous changes which were coming my way in the form of a little white bottle full of magical pills. It contained 2 different pills created in accordance with the Flat Stomach Principle, which is aimed at replenishing the single nutrient in the body that's responsible for burning excess fat. I had a feeling that my body had turned into a calorie-burning machine - my belly was getting smaller day by day, the contours of muscles appeared almost instantly. Stephanie Welding from Manila (36) has lost 24kg by taking a pill of Pure Cambogia Slim and one pill of Pure Cleanse Slim every day for 8 weeks. We've asked a dietitian, dr Julia Weston, who uses this product to treat patients with obesity, where exactly the strength of Pure Cambogia Slim supplement lies. The power of this combination lies in its most important ingredient - Garcinia Cambogia (tiny fruit from South America with the highest ORAC factor indicating the amount of antioxidants). People possess three types of fat, including the most problematic abnormal fat situated on the belly, buttocks and in the waist area.
It turns out that with a balanced diet and the support of the Pure Cambogia Slim and Pure Cleanse Slim supplements losing weight takes place 3 times faster than with the use of other diet methods. Apart from the natural extract of Amazonian fruit, the supplements contain four other ingredients reinforcing its effect: EGCG which regulates blood sugar levels, caffeine which provides the body with energy to work harder, green tea which assists in the cleansing of the body and chromium which accelerates the metabolism. In Philippines, you can buy Pure Cambogia Slim and Pure Cleanse Slim (60 pills) directly online from the manufacturers below. Take one pill of Pure Cambogia Slim in the morning and one pill Pure Cleanse Slim in the evening. My friends and I had been looking for news on effective methods of losing weight for a long time. Test it and then tell us how it went it helped me and many others, but it can't help everyone. Hi, your opinions are very flattering, I'm not really for or against it, but is it a good thing? I'm quite surprised you had it like that, I stopped feeling hungry right from the start, maybe that's why I'm losing weight then there were ups and downs but it's okay, maybe it's just the way it works for you, let us know how it goes Good luck!
From my experience I know it doesn't pay to buy something on impulse, I never do that, so before getting Pure Cambogia Slim, I looked through all the blogs and forums.
HI, i've tried Pure Cambogia Slim and lost 14kg in a month, a year has passed and the extra weight still hasnt returned!
Ive been taking it for 3 weeks now and so far I've lost 2kg :( I'm counting on more, hope it works. I'm a 30-year-old woman and I've tried to lose weight with Allie but that brought hardly any results at all. Unfortunately I can't boast about any long-term effects as I've been using Pure Cambogia Slim for just 1 week, but believe it or not I've lost 5kg in the first 7 days, and there's still 40 to go!

Breaking News: It's the lack of a single ingredient that prevents so many people from losing weight!Absent from contemporary processed food, Garcinia Cambogia, a fruit extract from South America, can achieve wonders in weight loss. In the following guest post, DaNelle Wolford from Weed ‘em & Reap shares how she lost 25 pounds in 3 months without exercise, or counting carbs or calories. Yahoo answersHow can I lose 25 pounds in 3 months, without weight loss supplements or tv diets? Anne Hathaway is already an incredibly thin woman, so fans were astounded when the actress announced that she would drop an additional 25 pounds for her role in Les Miserables. G0125NEWSWEEK A more pedestrian-friendly design to Michigan Street could improve public health, a consultant says in a report that's part of an ongoing study of the corridor. She finally admits that it was a 25-pound weight loss , to which Letterman exclaimed: "Twenty-five pounds! Losing weight is a difficult process, and losing weight quickly can be an even more daunting task.
A dramatic weight loss program that will help you learn how to lose 25 pounds in 25 days safely and permanently without starving or using supplements.
HOUSTON -- As we make our New Year's resolutions, one cat could become a source of inspiration for the most popular goal: to lose weight. Anne Hathaway says her colleagues on the set of "Les Miserables" were worried about her after she lost 25 pounds for the role of Fantine because she looked emaciated and weak. Despite such a radical change of body mass, her health wasn't affected and for over 5 months she's maintained her new weight and feels happy as never before. I tried to change something a few times, but real discipline and scrupulous counting of calories sounded bizzare to me. A few months ago some scientist conducted research on Garcinia Cambogia and we couldn't wait to hear about the results of his study! I've even heard my mother talking about this diet recently saying that a friend of hers had lost 9kg in 15 days. I ordered and received it within 3 business days (even though i didnt have to pay for shipping).
I've recently bought Pure Cambogia Slim about 2 weeks ago and since then i've lost 4kg and I'm very happy. IT'S a very good result considering the fact i've been spending lots of time in the office lately and had even less chance to move than usual. Its big advantage is that it contains Garcinia Cambogia which works great for losing weight. My mom said she'd lost weight so she wanted to share it with me so as not to let her daughter be worse off :) After 26 pills I felt that my pants weren't as tight as before. Now I want to order more to lose another 14kg before the summer and finally be able to put on that bikini. It's a good thing this product is legal, because I feel so energised and full of life, but it must be all that happiness!:) AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE!
Supporting your diet with this ingredient allows you to lose up to 12kg in 4 weeks.It's been proven that the Pure Cambogia Slim supplement when combined with Pure Cleanse Slim contains the exact dose of the extract which can be most easily absorbed by the body. I started having problems with my weight since I entered University, so you can imagine I was being mocked a lot for having a few kilos on my belly. She focused on eating whole foods, including full-fat dairy, whole grains and even desserts every day.
The slender 5-foot-8 Anne dons a white tank top and black underwear that accentuate her lean thighs.

Diet experts are shocked at the results - it manages to be especially effective with people who are usually resistant to all kinds of diets and exercise. Naturally, I'd gone through attempts that lasted a few days, various treatments, but I knew how they would end even before I started. People struggling with obesity use low-calorie diets, try to eat products commonly recognized as healthy, yet still can't lose weight. Modern food hardly ever contains this ingredient which results in the body losing access to the 'worst' type of fat.
As soon as the article got published and the product appeared on the market, we placed an order together (thanks to which we got 2 packagesdelivered FOR FREE) and in the end each one of us has lost over 10kg.
A dietician called me back immediately for a consultation, another lady confirmed the address and personal details. I'm obese, but nobody suspects that my problems with weight are related to my thyroid - I had the gland removed 4 years ago. It's safe, doesn't make you feel dizzy, give you palpitations or cause problems with sleep. In my opinion it's the best weight loss product I've ever tried, there are no side effects, and what's more I don't do any exercise because I don't have time. The best thing was I didnt experience any unwanted side effects like palpitations or insomnia. I finally tried Cambogia and let me tell you, I will NEVER try a different diet again - this product is incredible!
I started having a few kilos too many when I had my first child, but no matter how much diets I'd try, it'd just not change anything. At one point, Woodbury weighed a high of 1,189 pounds, and Discovery Health Channel chronicled his story as part of its “Super Obese” series. I started researching the Flat Stomach Principle and the supplement and read thousands of opinions on different websites. The only way to replenish your diet with the right amount of antioxidants is supplementation. I've been taking Pure Cambogia Slim for 3 days and I've already lost 0.12kg, so it looks like I'm going to make it this time!
A family friend of ours recommended me Cambogia - I couldn't believe my own eyes when I started looking into the mirror just a few days after starting. They wrote that the products worked great on slow metabolism and was very effective, and it didn't develop dependency. Pure Cambogia Slim supplement contains Garcinia Cambogia and has the highest dose of antioxidants. I was surprised that they offered a free trial(you either lose weight or they return your money)!
Dieters who keep track of everything they eat lose twice as much weight as those who don't, research shows. I was lucky enough to get my 2 packages for a way smaller price than my sister had paid, which was more than enough for a 2-month treatment. I have a graduation party coming up and a family meeting so I can't wait to tell my mother how great this product is for me and that I'm losing weight!

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