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Our bananas are only picked when ripe, unlike supermarket bananas which are ripened with ethylene in a warehouse.
Bananinha is made from the Nanica banana, which is the sweetest of the seven types of banana grown in Brazil. Bananinha is pure banana, with no added sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
Bananas provide real energy - that's why cyclists, footballers, runners and athletes eat them when they need a boost. This may not be the sort of dessert to leave on the neighbours' doorstep, but it's definitely one to keep in mind for a special occasion.

Rinse the saucepan, pour the mixture back into it and place the saucepan back over a medium heat. Place a piece of plastic wrap onto the surface of the custard to prevent a skin forming, then set aside to cool. Scatter the almonds over the top and cover with more custard, smoothing the top with a knife. We have been serving this raspberry dessert at the restaurant for years, with great success.
Half fill 6 individual ovenproof ramekin dishes with the custard, cover with a layer of raspberries,. Dredge the dishes thickly with icing sugar, then place under the grill until the top is golden brown.

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