Traditional recipes use wheat flour, whole almonds and pine nuts, and these days all sorts of nuts and fruit are used to jazz up the recipe.
Pistachios are higher in carbs than other nuts, but the flavour works really well in this recipe, and the total carbs count is still about 1.5g net carbs per biscuit (although admittedly, it might be hard to eat just one and leave it at that). Biscotti are baked twice – first you will bake a thin loaf until just cooked through, then slice it into individual biscuits, and bake again until they are golden and crunchy. Use a very sharp knife when cutting biscotti after the first baking stage, and do it by pressing down hard rather than going back-and-forth, to minimise crumbling. I recommend using xanthan gum or something similar (guar gum, psyllium husks) as this will improve texture.

Biscotti (also known as cantuccini) are crunchy, twice-baked biscuits that are perfect for dunking. If you would like to lower the carb content further, substitute pistachios with other nuts like whole almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts. Unfortunately, dessert wines are high in sugar so best to avoid them when on a low-carb diet.
If you don’t have these ingredients available, go ahead without them but be very careful when cutting the loaf. Fresh ones contain a bit of moisture, but this will dry out during the second stage of baking anyway.

If they are very big and juicy, you can dry them out in the oven a bit first before making biscotti.

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