The Rock N Roller Multi Cart R8 uses patent-pending swivel casters that are very lightweight and strong. R-Trac wheels Soft thermoplastic tread bonded to polymer hub gives smoother and quieter ride than cheaper plastic wheels.
These Multi-Carts are now supplied with low profile and no-flat wheels for longer lasting durability. Home > Cat Health > Cat Checkups & Preventive Care > Why Does My Cat Need Blood Work before Anesthesia?
Your veterinarian will likely require blood work before your cat has anesthesia for dental work or surgery. Blood work is actually the easiest, fastest, cheapest and least invasive way to investigate, discover and monitor many health conditions.
Why is blood work performed?There are several reasons for this test, all with one goal in mind -- making sure that your cat is healthy enough for anesthesia and surgery.
What can be found from blood work?There are two main parts in routine blood work: the chemistry and the Complete Blood Count (or CBC). The chemistry consists of an analysis of various enzymes, proteins and other chemicals in the bloodstream.

In addition to analyzing the chemistry of the blood, your veterinarian can run a Complete Blood Count. Its 8-in-1 flexibility allows you to use the R8 as a conventional 2-wheel hand truck or a 4-wheel platform truck, all with a few quick adjustments. They also feature quick-change pop-off wheels for smaller storage profile and easy service in the field.
Since it is unlikely that your cat will tell the veterinarian what could be wrong inside, your veterinarian can use your cat's blood work to get a better understanding of what is going on beneath the surface. Ideally, kidney blood work goes along with a urinalysis to specify what type of kidney disease may or may not exist. And here's the best part: the R8 changes from 2-wheel to 4-wheel mode in about two seconds! Your cat's blood work is handled by well-trained technicians and performed on sophisticated, automated machines.
Liver function is analyzed to detect liver disease, Cushing's disease, trauma or the presence of a liver shunt, a rare condition that causes blood circulation to bypass the liver. Low counts of certain blood cells can indicate hidden diseases such as anemia, bleeding or even bone marrow or immune system disorders.

In addition, the folding sides rotate and lock into position by simply pressing release cables.
The price of blood work is based on the cost of such advanced and accurate machines, sample preparation, sample handling by the nurses and the analysis by the veterinarian. Eliminating the possibility of a shunt is very important for any kitten undergoing anesthesia. Electrolyte levels are measured to check for dehydration, metabolic disorders and kidney disease. High counts of certain blood cells can indicate conditions such as dehydration, inflammation or infection. In 2-wheel mode the R8 hand truck's long nose ergonomically pulls bulky loads toward you to make lifting easier.
Older cats can have a hyperactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), which is important to detect before anesthesia.

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