Mix the cocoa powder and water together to make a paste and then add to the milk, stirring constantly so there are no lumps. I loved this, it is a combination between adults chocolate milk and a liquid rum truffle.  Word of warning you could only have two of these a day as 1 teaspoon of cocoa is 1 tolerated allowance and only 2 allowed per day.  Enjoy!
What’s the biggest advantage of sugar beet fiber compared to other fiber supplements like Psyllium seed husks or oat bran? Mix fiber and egg white, place in a glass dish and cook in the microwave for 1 min at 900 W.
Finally i can put to use some Fibrex I had left, this is an excellent way to curb my bread cravings.

I buy the 40# beet fiber from a feed store, soak in a five gallon bucket & rinse it well to get out the natural molasses in it, redry it, and put in the food processor. Sugar beet fiber, or beet pulp, is the pulp of the sugar beet after the sugar has been removed. This healthy and inexpensive recipe will help you cool down a bit and enjoy the summer heat. When beet sugar is processed into table sugar, the leftover beet pulp is pressed and dried as a byproduct. Wikipedia says that insoluble fiber contributes 0 calories per gram but that nutritionists have not reached a consensus on soluble fiber and how much energy is actually absorbed.

I originally bought this product because I couldn’t find psyllium seed husks anywhere here in Europe! It contains a balance of insoluble and soluble fiber, and it absorbs lots of moisture and provides texture to cakes and breads.

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