Pros and Cons Share and Comment Official WebsiteWhat is it?Fat Loss Factor is a collection of resources to help you lose fat quickly and safely. The idea is to cleanse your liver for 2 weeks in order to improve its ability to metabolize fat, then eat a healthy diet for 10 weeks.
By the end of the 12 weeks you should see significant fat loss.Liver HealthMost people think the liver is an organ that only alcoholics need to worry about, but anyone eating an unhealthy diet can have liver problems. Examples include high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and artificial sweeteners.What does this have to do with fat loss?

Doing this will cleanse your liver and prepare your body for the rest of the program.Who wrote it?Charles Livingston is a certified nutritionist and wellness practitioner as well as a chiropractic physician.
Over the next year he expanded his plan into an ebook and created workout plans, shopping lists and videos.
Eventually it became the popular program, Fat Loss Factor.To date his program has helped thousands of people cleanse their bodies and burn off excess fat. After that you’ll start the beginning, intermediate or advanced training program, depending on your fitness level.

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