Ann Jensen is a registered dietitian with experience in nutrition education and counseling.
When it comes to losing weight, the number of calories you consume each day is a key factor. When it comes to filling foods, vegetable top the list because they are high in fiber and water, both of which help with satiation.
Whole grains are loaded with fiber and essential nutrients, and some options can be low-calorie as well. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Healthy Weight -- It's Not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle!
When you’re trying to lose weight, a big part of your success will be determined by how well you control your diet. That being said, while you technically can eat anything as part of your cutting diet, as long as it fits into your calorie targets for the day, some foods are generally better than others.
These are the foods that are generally good to focus on when you’re dieting, since the total volume is high relative to the number of calories.
In addition, foods that are higher in protein and fiber are generally more filling, calorie for calorie, than various other options.
So in this article, I’m going to go over some of my favorite low calorie filling foods that you can use as part of your diet. However, unbuttered popcorn is surprisingly low in calories compared to the amount that you get. As you might expect from the name, watermelon consists mostly of water, which also helps to fill you up. Black beans are an excellent food that you can eat to fill yourself up without taking in too many calories. They are packed full of fiber and complex carbs, so they’ll keep you feeling full for hours on end. It contains a filling blend of complex carbs, protein, fiber, and water, which should keep you going throughout the morning and help you avoid the temptation to snack. You can even sprinkle on some blueberries or raspberries for an additional boost of flavor. Compared to many of the other traditional carb choices (pasta, rice, etc), the humble potato is a great option if you’re looking to maximize volume with as few calories as possible. Both sweet potatoes and regular baked potatoes are a good choice for this – they are mostly carbs, with some protein and fiber, and almost no fat.
Most importantly, they will keep you feeling full and satisfied, making you less likely to overeat. Just don’t load them up with lots of extra toppings and pretend that they’re still a low calorie food! Not everyone likes egg whites, and I wouldn’t pretend that they are as good as whole eggs, but they are a great low calorie, high protein food choice.
I’d recommend adding some spices, or eating them with hot sauce, to make things more interesting. In fact, 1 cup of cooked broccoli only contains about 35 calories, making it one of the most filling low calorie foods on this list. Get the exact 3 meal plans we used to help one of our clients lose 24 pounds using the principles of flexible dieting. It is surprising how much fast food comes wrap up in breads: buns, pita, pizza doe, pasta, rice, etc.
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A little creativity can go a long way to get kids more interested in low-calorie dense foods.
Fruits and vegetables contain more water and fiber than processed foods, making you feel fuller. The rush to get out the door can sometimes make even the most health-conscious parents lose focus on the all-important healthy breakfast. Soup is another way to start your family's meal with a low-calorie choice -- as long as you choose a broth-based, not creamy, one.
You're not depriving yourself of flavor when you eat low-density foods -- you're enhancing it.
Of course, if you want your family to eat foods with less fat and fewer calories, you need to do it, too.
Eating a low calorie diet doesn’t have to mean eating a diet that tastes like sawdust! Pork contains high levels of  thiamine, a B vitamin your body uses to convert the food you eat into energy to power you through a workout.
This dairy free option is really great for your cereal, post work out smoothie or any other place you might be using milk.
We’ve put together a 7 Day Guide that helps you to buy the right foods and prepare the meals that are going to help you eat well and create healthy habits in your lifestyle.
I am a dog walker, arts administrator, knitter, poet, imperfect vegan with a shifting kaleidoscope of hair colours. BodyRock is your 24 hour fitness pal, offering daily high-intensity interval training exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. She has written numerous nutrition education, weight loss and fitness articles for various publications.
Vegetables are naturally very low in calories, mostly fat-free and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Whole-grain cereal, oatmeal and popcorn are some healthy choices that will fill you up without tacking on a bunch of calories. Thus, high-protein, low-fat dairy products like milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt are nutritious options when watching your calorie intake.
They give you the brown sugar on the side so you get only plain oatmeal with a bit of dry fruit.
Transform your body in just 12 weeks with custom workout and nutrition plans designed just for you.
But they have little nutritional value, and they pack a lot of calories in a small portion -- so they're energy-dense. In one study, women ate 12% fewer calories when they had a large salad 20 minutes before eating pasta for lunch. They also give you a really great dose of vitamin C. Our bodies require adequate amounts of vitamin C to support growth and repair of bodily tissues, including your expanding muscle mass.
It is perfect on its own as a snack or can be added to smoothies, salads, salsa and yogurt.
It prevents the blood sugar from going sky high which can prevent those pesky mid afternoon cravings.
Selenium can reduce levels of oxidative stress and muscular damage associated with stiff workouts. Almond milk is made from grinding skinned almonds with water and so they contain less off the fat found in the straight up nut. It is also believed that the acetic acid in vinegars may help slow digestion which can help you feel satisfied as well keeping your blood sugar levels in check. They consist mostly of a soluble, ingestible fiber known as glucomannan and pretty much carry no calories.
There is also some research out of University of Arizona that suggests grapefruit can help your cholesterol and blood pressure as well.

It is a high volume food which means you can eat a lot of it without consuming a large number of calories. I am new to clean living and only just discovered that healthy doesn't have a specific size. In our community we support each other as we train by sharing ideas, recipes and motivational tips that keep us on track. One medium apple, for instance, provides just 70 calories and 0 grams of fat, yet is packed with 3 grams of fiber and plenty of water to satisfy hunger. A bowl of oatmeal is the perfect way to start out your day, as a 1-cup cooked serving contains less than 150 calories yet provides 4 grams of filling fiber.
A 1-ounce piece of part-skim string cheese, for example, contains less than 90 calories but is packed with 7 grams of hunger-fighting protein.
Use veggies or  fruits to make a funny face on  an open-faced sandwich or a bowl of cereal.
Their high fiber content can also leave your family feeling full and can help prevent constipation. Sneak veggies like spinach, zucchini, celery, and carrots into stews, casseroles, and chili.
So a bowl before dinner decreases the risk of overeating high-calorie foods later in the meal. And remember, you can eat the leafy green tops of the radish as well for an extra boost in nutrients. Fitness is a journey and each of our lives are comprised of stories that chart the ups and downs of our individual quests to reach our goals.
In fact, a healthy diet that includes low-calorie yet filling foods will help you lose weight and keep you satisfied all day long. For a filling snack, popcorn is a healthy option since it is naturally low in calories but high in fiber.
An 8-ounce serving of fat-free plain yogurt contains less than 130 calories and has 13 grams of protein. Wait a few minutes to notice feelings of fullness before digging into your next healthy course.
They'll realize that vegetables -- and even fruit, like pineapple -- can make pizza just as tasty.
Reduce the calorie density and add zing by making it one scoop of reduced-fat ice cream (or frozen yogurt) topped with tasty berries. Remember, eating low-density foods doesn't mean eating less -- it's eating more of a healthy food.
Widely considered one the most sustainable forms of seafood, this inexpensive option is a good one! In order to eat fewer calories but feel full at meal time, plan meals around your vegetable options instead of thinking of them as a side dish. For low-calorie meals, be sure that half your plate is loaded with filling fruits and vegetables. A 3-cup serving of air-popped popcorn contain less than 100 calories and provides 3 grams of fiber.
These foods -- such as apples, oranges, and other fruits -- have fewer calories for a larger portion.
With those healthy additions, you can reduce the amount of high-fat ingredients like meat and cheese.
Body Intelligence: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, and Feel Great About Your Body Without Dieting, McGraw-Hill, 2005.

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