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Working with a DoTraining Strength and Conditioning coach will enable you to become a better athlete, Improve your athletic performance, rehab from injury and stay healthy.
DoTraining workshops and seminars bring some of the brightest minds in the fitness and sports performance industry.
Whether a recreational or professional athlete we can help improve your athletic performance. Recently I have had a few athletes ask me what is the best way of dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, I have put together a few ideas to help deal with this common injury. By Julie Gooderick (MSc, Bsc Hons, ASCC) DoTraining coach and brainbox Julie Gooderick, has taken a break from her busy coaching schedule to fill us in on practical applications for landing mechanics. Complete, sport specific training programs - designed by the Pros & tailored to your level of experience.

One of the indoor courts has stadium seating which can be used for large programs and events. For more information on our netball court hire please contact Customer Service on (03) 9471 4935 or use the Contact Us section of this website. Social basketball, District basketball, ABL games and a massive Christmas Carnival - you can shoot the lights out here most days. Come and Play, you’ll have a ball in one of our social competitions: - Monday Night Ladies - Wednesday Night Mixed - Daytime Netball Wednesday morning Want to get the kids active or for them to learn to play netball? Click on the image to find out more.DoTraining Workshops and Seminars DoTraining workshops and seminars bring some of the brightest minds in the fitness and sports performance industry. Combining great coaching and science; let us help you, your club and team stay healthy, performing optimally and achieve great success. When looking at the causes of plantar fasciitis there are a few common complaints from most¬†athlete.

At any stage of athlete development, training landing mechanics and force absorption is of vital importance.
To read the previous 2 parts of Strength and Conditioning essentials then click on the following links. Forget about crash diets and gimmicks, contact our personal training team now so you can start to achieve results that will last..
Plans from 1 month to a full year available upon request for all types of fitness and performance goals. Contact us now for more information on training packages and competitive pricingBespoke Online CoachingStrength and Conditioning and Personal training online coaching plans.Find out how we can make a difference.

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