The resources listed at the bottom of the page can help you figure out the number of calories in different types of food, as well as help you estimate your basal metabolic rate (number of calories per day). The Institute of Medicine recommends a total water intake of 91 oz for men and 125 oz for women, but 80% of that comes from food. Food and Activity Log (.pdf) from the American Medical Association - Track your daily food intake.
If you track your blood sugar levels, check out our Blood Sugar chart and printable blood sugar log. These charts show the number of Americans receiving food stamps as reported by the United States Department of Agriculture. The spike in May 2011 was due to a surge in Alabama after an historic onslaught of giant tornadoes devastated the state. When China was admitted to the World Trade Organization in 2001, tariffs were lowered, and it became very profitable for American companies to relocate production to China’s sweatshops.
And while we have been offshoring jobs, we have been following a policy of mass immigration, bringing in about 1 million legal immigrants per year.
Our policies of offshoring and mass-immigration have been supported by both Republicans and Democrats for decades.
Many people make the argument that this is not an economic issue, but rather a moral issue; that people in the food-stamps program are just lazy.
Note: The numbers for Presidents Bush (43) and Obama are higher than they otherwise would have been because the government started to use food stamps for disaster relief starting in 2005 for Hurricane Katrina. Note: The March 2012 numbers are slightly elevated due to disaster relief for windstorms that occurred in February and March 2012. Note: The Obama Administration loosened the ABAWD (able-bodied adults without dependents) requirements.
Note to bloggers: You may use any of the charts on this page on your blog as long as you include a link to this page. Those with common sense know that the majority race will have higher numbers in most statistics. Well, it’s not exactly like whites were in any way under-privileged throughout the colonial period… But the point is ridiculous in any case. How do the economics of the drug trade work if the whole system is being driven by a demand for drugs by poor black people?
I think Ron Paul had it right when in the 2007 Republican primaries, he said that one of the best things that could be done to the Black community is to legalize drugs. Ironically, the white slaves were of less value that the black slaves on the market, and as this was commonly known, they were ridiculed by black slaves because of it. We all have a responsibility to our society to educate ourselves about governmental policies and how they truly impact the nation’s ability to thrive. Quick summary: Whites were captured during the war with UK or simply couldnt repay debts so had to work in the colonies. So let’s say (for ease of math) that 2,000,000 whites and 1,000,000 blacks were on food stamps.
This can be a very useful tool, along with our weight loss log and exercise charts, for controlling and losing weight. You can then fold it into 3 then again in half, allowing you to store the paper in your pocket so that you can record what you eat throughout the day.

The Nutrition Facts on most store-bought food gives the serving size, calories, and fat calories. So, as a general rule of thumb, women should check 9 circles (the red ones) and men should check 12-13 circles (the red + blue ones). As of the latest data released on May 6, 2016 the total is 44.4 million, which is more than the entire populations of many large nations.
According to the USDA’s report, about 1 million disaster victims from several states were added to the rolls. Obama has continued both full-steam ahead – even as they pulverize the African-American community. But that argument is easy to refute; unless you want to credit the giant spike in unemployment in 2008 to an outbreak of laziness. Different states have different policies, however it doesn’t effect their expenditures either way since the USDA pays for all food stamps. The race debate as well as cable-fueled Dem-Republican bickering is a distraction from the real problem, Wall St. People on welfare did not pay one dime into the system, as where Social security is an Insurance paid for the worker and their employer. Even a single decade where a majority group is legally allowed to enslave a minority race may be enough to damage the plight of that group for a century. Black people are disproportionately addicts, meth-heads, and crack heads, and if we legalized drugs, they would instantly become addicts. That is a revelation to most white people who imagine inner city black people to be “smokin the crack” rock every chance they get! Paul rightly, to my mind, recognizes that if you legalize drugs, then you undermine the very support system of gangs in the inner-city (look at what the repeal of prohibition did to Capone and his ilk: gone in a generation). So when someone says one dominant race enslaves another they need to look in the mirror because over history this enslavement of same race situation has happened over and over again. Why not add in the suggestion everyone over 60 (who can’t find work), folk with disabilities, others dealing with financial woes due to cancer or devastating illness and finally illegal migrants who sought a better existence should all be euthanized? Eventually, you will get familiar with the amount of calories (and fat content) in various foods, but to get started it can very helpful to use a log to keep track of everything. Do you really think that it is poor Black people living in the ghetto who have enough money to support this massive amount money that goes into the drug trade? This is another of those unique facts of history in America that seems to have been lost or overlooked or intentionally left out! Funny how my 23-yer old nephew and I were brainstorming on the impact of career motivation on success of life. That will vary of course with the type of fountain and how thirsty you are and how much water you can hold in your mouth, but it's not a bad approximation. The dip in the Clinton administration was due to the fact he cut people off and they fell off the books or went to prison.
We should be talking about the subsidies going to corporations that would cover the cost of these social safety net programs, quite easily.
These are masturbatory generalizations, and it is impossible to speak precisely about such complex topics.
Most in this region depend heavily on tourism yet (37 years of observation) many smiles conceal hearts full of bitterness and animosity because they feel it’s the nature of all Caucasians to be oppressive.

I know plenty of white people that depend on us blacks to work whatever job we can to pay taxes and feed them.
The money grab of the Bush administration and it’s continuation under the Obama administration depicts the continued separation of the top 1% and the rest of the country. The important point is whether or not a specific racial group has access to the same economic opportunities, societal attitudes, and legal support structures as another. But you dang near have to be in synch with the way he grew up to avoid the pitfalls that WE face and that’s just the bottom line. Bush terms and now two Obama terms, came from Goldman Sachs…every president was either a Harvard or Yale grad, the pinchers in maintaining the Wall St. I’m fine with all that but it sure in the hell ain’t some other form of welfare!! Stop worrying about these pennies for the working poor and worry about the corporations with its mutli billion dollar profit generation and zero taxes. I’ve found numerous links with valid documented information proving whites were enslaved (usually called servitude yet adults and children were kidnapped) long before anyone from the African diaspora was brought to the New World.
It was never about race but the spoils of war, greed, and arrogant aristocrats and elites who found indigent folk offensive. I thought the Bush tax cuts for business were suppose to create jobs and Obama’s push for health insurance was to help as well. Economic populism is coming…Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, are canaries in the coal mine. Also, the worst offenders were Arab nations and many still accept slavery and caste systems as a social norm today.
When I see racist commentary on Facebook I fervently defend my position but most white Bahamians say nothing. Unlike the US and other first world democracies impoverished minorities here have no organization looking out for them concerned about their treatment or needs. Some men were castrated and become eunuchs and women and children forced into (often sexual)slavery or slaughtered. Indoctrination via the government operated TV station was instrumental in making it clear whites should never again be given opportunities because they were the enemy.
In light of these facts we should ask who REALLY has the “hand out” mentality among the races and who promoted it? I marveled at how we had to endure the airing of the Roots miniseries prior to every general election.
We had an outdoor toilet, no shower or bathtub and or clothes were hand me downs and had patches upon patches. I had this arugument on Facebook chat with an admin of a large group and shared links because I’m Scottish and along with the Irish they were oppressed since as far back as the days of the Picts and Albas. Many young folk among the electorate now appreciate these elderly politicians only look out for themselves, their cronies and special interest groups that benefit them financially. Research the tie between Free Masonry, the Illuminati, the Rothschild’s and the Bilderberg Society and you will see the masses are simply obliging pawns in a terrifying game of life.

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