Every prospective new client is eilgible for a free consultation with me where I come to you to discuss your fitness goals and how I can assist you them. This is an ideal opportunity for us to meet eachother and for me to find out more about your fitness goals.  You can also me any questions or concerns that you may have before undertaking an exercise programme. Requesting your free consultation is easy!  Just complete the online enquiry form which you can find here and I will get back to you promptly. I’m in my late 50’s, after trying many diets, health clubs and the gym I felt lost as to what to do because none of it was working for me.

Annabel and I have had Dean as our trainer for about 8 months and we are thrilled with results! I’m definitely feeling the benefits of Bootcamp and Dean encourages and motivates us all to keep going. It’s hard work but know I’m getting fitter each week, plus we always seem to have a good laugh. As my first time coming to bootcamp I had a great work-out, enjoyed the company & friendly atmosphere.

When you contract with Dean you get much more than a physical trainer – you buy into his philosophy around health living including food tips, stretched and mind set.
I needed someone who understood the needs of a older person, who was unfit, overweight and had health problems so I decided to contact Dean.

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