With this fast paced lifestyle that we have now, planning and preparing healthy food is no longer our top priority. Delicious Diet knows that we need carbohydrates, even when ¬†on a diet, so they include brown rice, red rice, and whole wheat bread to their meals. A parent who has a child who lives away from home may want to ensure that her child does not just eat pizza or cup noodles everyday. Planning for a week’s menu, buying the ingredients, chopping and slicing then cooking take up so much of our time that most days we end up opting for fast food (greasy) or dining out (expensive). We know that preparing our own food offers us the best chance to live healthy – who doesn’t want to be healthy?

Owners Kynan Del Rosario, Jess Tan and Jefferson Sy are also hands on in the planning, preparation and execution of each meal that they produce, ensuring that only fresh herbs and spices are used to make each dish flavorful and superior in quality. Be it to your home or office, you can be sure that you get fresh, healthy and flavorful meals that will keep you happy and satiated during the day for only P1,800 a week (inclusive of 15 full meals and 5 snacks plus free delivery). Plus, there are some treats for the sweet tooth, too :) The key lies in the proper portioning of the meals.
A gym enthusiast who wants to lose or maintain their weight wants to watch the calorie intake to ensure a return for the time and sweat they invest in the gym. Eating healthy without struggling is the one of the best feelings we can have at the end of a long and tiring day.

Often, we are caught up with a barrage of things by the time we put some thought into the food that we eat.

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