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This stylish large black cast iron fire bowl on a stand is perfect for outdoor parties and events in the evening.
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Sorry, I only usually look at the IBS-D part of the forum, since all the other boards seem to go on endlessly about the need to reduce constipation, which is something I wish I could suffer from. Since I moved in with my boyfriend, who is a vegetarian who mostly relies on beans for protein, I've had lower abdominal pains due to gas every morning, and am having to use loperamide every few days to slow down my digestive system and keep it producing solid waste.
There's a very good chance that you will quickly - a day or two - see an improvement in your symptoms.
Even if this is not the magic cure, you will feel a lot better not having all that watery bulk in your colon, which is what the low FODMAPs diet can do.

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