If you guys consider Steak'n'Shake fast food, I'd say that's the best fast food restaurant I've ever been to. I'm sure there are more that I'm just forgetting, but it's been a minute since I been to these places. Yeah, a lot of people don't realize that some Subway sandwiches have a lot of calories and sodium and then they just add on some more shit. Tub’s Subs - Tasty, gourmet sandwiches are the specialty at this Seattle restaurant, and are perfect for a quick meal.
Kidd Valley - Kidd Valley is similar to Dick’s, with great burgers, fries and superb shakes. All writing on the Super Tight Stuff is licensed under the Creative Commons license, and must be attributed to us whenever used.

We checked out the lunch and breakfast fare at dozens of on-the-go restaurants a€” from Chik-Fil-A to Wendy's to Starbucksa€”A to give you a simple guide to some of the healthiest items they offer.
All of the choices we picked pack less than 500 calories, are fairly low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and include 15 or more grams of protein to keep you feeling full.
They make new burgers and chicken sandwiches every now and then, so you can try out different items on their menu. While a little expensive, the mouth-watering flavor in these subs make up for the few extra dollars spent over regular fast food.
In fact, it was so good that our school’s JV cross country team decided to host the Burger Challenge.
The prices go up everywhere because they keep raising food taxes here, but like hell I'm paying that much.

My favorite would be the Joker, a sandwich filled with ham, roast beef, chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, with a fantastic barbaque dipping sauce on the side. They had to finish the burger by the second mile, and from there it was a race to the finish. The winning time from this year 20:19, a respectable time even without a cheeseburger being digested in your stomach.

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