Women with straight hair can go for choppy ends, while those with curly hair can opt for layers to get a shaggy look.
You are going to find here crew cuts, pompadour looks, regular classics, cool undercuts, quiffs, curtained hair and many other interesting looks and ideas. A sleek, well-groomed style of this look is an ideal option for those who work in the banks or big companies. Men have been sporting different trendy cuts and have actually have been putting more effort than usual in styling them. Picture of Ciara Ombre Medium Hairstyle 2013: The ombre medium straight hairstyle is cut to sit at the jaw-line in a solid line.
Short hairstyles for women are incredibly popular now and although we may have forgotten short haircuts for a few years, it’s time to take advantage of their incredible benefits again! First of all, short hairstyles don’t have ‘bad hair’ days and you never have to fight to control hair that has grown out of its shape and started to behave very badly. Another of the latest trends that will add a modern touch to your look is the asymmetric bob. Long faces look good with a chin-length, sliced bob that creates some nicely rounded volume at the sides, to add width at cheekbone level. For women with dainty features, a short hairstyle with a layered fringe is a good way to show them off, without there being too much hair to overwhelm and hide your pretty eyes, nose or mouth. And for any woman, a light curvy fringe combined with a short hairstyle, is one of the best ways to create a frame in the upper face which accentuates the eyes perfectly.  Mature ladies can use a carefully cut fringe to cover those lines on the forehead which they would prefer to conceal. Very short hairstyles are far cheaper to maintain as you don’t need cans, tubes and bottles of all the new hair-styling products in order to keep it clean, well-conditioned, heat-styling protected and artificially glossy!
I don’t know about you, but I was finding it ridiculously expensive to keep up with the latest serums, hair oils, hair creams and specialist shampoos on offer to keep my long hair in good health. If you’re looking in the mirror and feeling that this would be a good time for a new look, you’ll be pleased to know that short layered bob hairstyles have the reputation of making women look younger! In addition, unlike a lot of the flat, straight styles of the last few years, short bobs are a style that suits all face-shapes and all ages, too! Everything depends on your face shape, so if you’re still not sure what shape your face is; do consult your stylist who will advise you about where to put the layers to bring out your best facial features. This year, the layered look is one of the key haircuts and that’s good news for everyone as it gives styles that controls coarse hair and makes it easier to get some volume into thin or fine hair.
And not only that, the big trend is for shag cuts, choppy layers, asymmetry, ragged tips, waves and curls, there’s a wide range of contemporary-casual cuts for all hair types.
On fine hair, the short layered bob hairstyle makes the hair tend to ‘puff-out’ more and you’ll find that a few twisty waves or curls will add volume to make your hair appear thicker.
Highlights have now moved away from uniform ‘stripes’ and are being used to add even more depth and dimension to fine hair.

For example, some lighter balayage highlights around the face and sides create the impression of more hair and can be placed to accentuate your best facial feature, too. Try a short layered bob, with a few highlights in the same colour as your eyes, to bring out their colour in a very flattering way!
On thick or coarse hair, a short layered bob hairstyle can do some effective thinning to produce a beautifully shaped silhouette that will fall into shape very easily after washing. Short layered bob hairstyles are the perfect makeover style for anyone needing a style update, as it’s easier to maintain an all-over change of hair colour.
Nothing is more important to your overall beauty look than a flattering hairdo, so get yourself a coffee and browse our fabulous Inspiration Gallery for your perfect short layered bob hairstyle! I am getting my hair highlighted in the next week or so, so thanks in advance for your prompt response!
Fade haircuts are introduced by gradual tapering of hair length from sides and back upwards. Gradual layering of hair length in fades can be combined with flattering designs on temples and figures on sides. And above all fade haircuts for black men are better than complete boldness, they can be very short and look extremely sexy and stylish. I think lots of men, who is reading this article work in the banks and big companies, where they wear tailored suits, right?
Update your look with by trying one or more of these short haircuts for men, most of which can be styled many different ways. But, today, men are equally concerned about hairstyle like women.The hairstyle has to be chosen by considering the face shape. The elegant style can charmingly contour the jaw-line showing off the jagged cut soft wavy layers throughout the sides and back which enhances shape to the simple length. I’ve noticed that I feel a lot calmer now I’ve switched to a short hairstyle, because I’m not always worrying about how my hair looks! The geometric, angled bobs are especially suitable for balancing out a round face, as the strong asymmetric lines counteract the roundness in full cheeks. This means you can easily apply a trendy new shade at home to brighten up your face with a vivid shade or cover up those grey strands that are such a nuisance!
To design a true skillfull fade, you need to find a professional hair stylist, cause it is not an easy job, but the result is astounding. This style has long been a classic and timeless cut and today many stylists offer updated and fashionable choices that make any girl's or woman look different and confident. All them are going to be popular this year, so you better look through these images and select your favorites. That's why every guy wants to underline his uniqueness by wearing something individual on his head(I mean hairstyle.

Create more layers at the hair ends and the top to add much volume and style to the hair and make the look full of life.
Fade haircuts look like real mens hairstyles and they can be of various design depending on the length of the crown area.
Actually black men haircuts' fade style fits any age, and kids can wear it and totally grown-ups. The best thing about this cut is the professional and modern appearance which freshes up your persona.
Choppy ends with layers done with a razor helps to remove heaviness from the hair and forms a good shag style. It is obvious, with the new year coming up we think of trying on something new, in the way we dress, look and smell.
Check these haircuts it may be helpful for you to change your haircut and make it more stylish this year. Keep the length about the shoulder level to enhance your chin-line and create a side part to contour the beautiful face.
That is why each time you choose a new length for your short haircut, people come to thing you have a new stylish fade haircut. If you are going to have your first fade, the stylist will offer regular fade haircut to start with. There are lots of ways of getting the stacked look, while the most popular is the one which features shorter cut in the back, longer in the front and voluminous appearance.
Men can also go for this style and by keeping the hair short on the sides and long on top they will be able to brush their bangs. To tell the truth black men are the ones who are to have fade haircuts, cause the face and scalp shape are very fitting.
Of course, there are lots of interesting styles to try on this 2015, but I want to draw your attention to those looks that will fit every guy out there. And now let me show you 2014 saucy fade haircuts for black men to prove that they are really very impressive. Why don't you take an inspiration from the following bob-cuts so that you can make a decision either to go for a stacked bob, or not.

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