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They do workout together, whether in a hotel room, or in home, or in a filming location, she never misses her exercises. Her workout include different types of exercise like kickboxing, strength training, pilates, ball work.
You can make alterations in this push-up by using push-up bar, stability ball, rings, balance boards.
Sit ups is an abdominal strength training exercise to make butt and abdominal muscle strong.
Salma, now a mom has a 5 year old daughter, Valentina who is also doing good regarding workouts.
Whenever her weight reaches the threshold (she has not told that upper limit), she starts keeping a close eye on her weight.

Whenever, Salma feels stressed, she switches to food so that she can relax and is not good at dieting. What she really likes is the apples and carrots as they are a rich source of antioxidants (which are required by the body to function normally) and Vitamin A (powerful natural antioxidant, protects from lung and oral cavity cancers and also good for eyes). To do this, lie on on your back  on the floor with your hands either on the back of your head or across the chest. She further says that she tries to chose those exercises which are diversified, challenging and consistent so that Salma’s overall body can be developed and also give better results. There are other forms of push-ups called diamond push-ups, fist push-ups and wide push-ups. Additionally, when you jump (while jumping use your whole foot and not just the toes), try to jump as high as you can.
And, when you land, lower your body back into the squat position to avoid strain on your back. Do as much as you can in 1 minute. Now, raise your body vertebrae (in this position only) such as, only your butt should be touching the ground. This surely can be treated as a remedy for curing chills and fever, if taken every 2 hours.

She is so much into this juice cleanse that she founded a company called Cooler Cleanse in 2010.
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