Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and egg is among the frequently used ingredients in creating a breakfast recipe. I searched the web for the best, most delicious, healthy egg recipes for breakfast [vegetarian] and compiled them into a list. On this vegetarian food blog, you'll find many useful tips for vegetarians and vegans, plus many other great resources. What is important is that breakfast should be packed with nutrients to keep us energized throughout the day.
This Greek yogurt parfait has the goodness of fiber from the grano and vitamins from the fruits. Grab some mangoes while they are in season and serve them as yummy smoothies for your family.
Rosalia AguirreJanuary 9, 2016 at 11:27 pmI hate eating healthy but this actually looks really good. Eggs are also a great source of choline, which is a vital nutrient for optimal brain and nervous system function. Another great reason to include egg whites in your diet is that they taste simply delicious! The Western egg white omelette recipe combines the goodness of egg whites with the nutrition of bell peppers, onions, and cheese.
This is a low-fat, Mediterranean-inspired omelette that uses spinach, feta cheese, and egg whites. This rich dessert of French origin is full of heart-friendly ingredients such as dark chocolate and egg whites. Research conducted at McMaster University has shown that consuming egg protein after a workout improves the synthesis and recovery of protein.
This scrumptious egg white recipe is a big hit with cake lovers and an excellent idea for a birthday party. Egg whites are best enjoyed when cooked together with other ingredients such as vegetables and cheeses.
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I love eggs too, so it’s nice to spice them up a bit besides the ol scrambled and fried egg routine. An affiliate link is a link in which advertisers have agreed to pay a commission should a purchase be made from that click-through.
I'd be happy for you to share them for any non-commercial purpose but please make sure to link back to the original post and give credit where it’s due. Here are some healthy breakfast recipes that you can make for a fully loaded and healthy breakfast meal to keep you energized and ready for the day.
With this recipe, you can make pizza with bread slices and tomatoes—and eggs, for the breakfast feel! Raspberries are found to prevent cancer and heart problems, so serving them in smoothies that your family can enjoy is a smart and healthy choice! This multigrain cereal will keep you full until lunch, and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare. It only takes fifteen minutes to prepare and it’s perfect for figure-conscious people too! Louis University has shown that eating egg protein helps people feel full for longer periods of time.
The high protein content in egg whites constitutes 53 percent of the total egg and makes eggs a popular food source for people trying to build muscle mass or lose weight. Egg whites are the only food that contains vitamin D, which is necessary for healthy bones.
By simply removing the yolk from the omelet, you’re consuming only 5 grams of fat and 26 grams of protein. Instead of yolks, butter, and full fat cheese, it uses egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, and onions. Egg white recipes are an excellent option for nutrition as well as tasty cooking. Bon appetit! On Gourmandelle you'll find lots of vegetarian recipes, free vegetarian meal plans and useful tips for a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.
Slice A Banana, Drizzle Honey, Sprinkle Cinnamon, Put In The Oven For 10 Minutes At 350 Degrees & Serve With Yogurt.

Well, it’s true because our bodies get most of its energy requirement from the first meal of the day. Breakfast should be a balanced meal of go, grow and glow foods, just like any other meal of the day.
This will not only make your breakfast fluffier but will also make it healthier because it’ll contain less fat and cholesterol.
Avocado is infamous for bringing good cholesterol and decreasing bad ones, while tomatoes are rich in lycopene—a heart-healthy combination! Plus, it’s also packed with protein and carbohydrates to keep them energized for the whole day!
Egg whites protect humans from a host of disease-causing agents They’re also used in skin care regimens and as a hair conditioner. They’re rich in carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which are known to improve vision and prevent macular degeneration.
This recipe only requires about twenty minutes to prepare and is a great meal if you’re trying to lose weight. It contains only 1 gram of fat and 14 grams of protein, and you can have this dish for breakfast or lunch. Eggs, bacon and bread are the most famous foods for breakfast, but you can make your breakfast with other ingredients, too.
If you love eggs as much as I do then you’ll also love these 20 healthy egg breakfast recipes for vegetarians. You can also incorporate vegetables and fruits loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals in your breakfast.

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