Fats are used in the body for energy, to protect cells, to absorb nutrients, and are even necessary to help the body digest and metabolize more fat! We are a dedicated group of individuals that have devoted ourselves to improving every facet of our lives. The unhealthiest fats are man made fats that are designed to lengthen the shelf life of processed foods. There is also evidence that fats improve body composition, alleviates depression as well as may prevent cancer and improve eye health; some research exists that fat also may reduce ADHD and ADD symptoms. While there are a lot of myths about fats generated in the 80s and 90s about fat in our diets, it is now generally accepted and scientifically proven that a diet without natural, healthy fats is just plain unhealthy! On a standard 1800 calorie diet, 40 to 65 grams should come from fat, or about 360 to 585 calories.

Since fat is also used to metabolize energy, increasing your consumption of healthy fats means you can decrease your consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. We strive to provide the tools needed to create a healthy change in life routines, and behavior patterns. These fats are the trans fats and hydrogenated fats such as margerine and shortening (hydrogenated fats have hydrogen added to them which makes a fat that is normally liquidat room temperature, solid).
Some fats, such as animal fats, like trans-fats are less than desirable in a Western context. Because food is found in abundance all year around, it is unnecessary to consume animal fats for health.
It makes monounsaturated fats especially beneficial for our heart and cardiovascular system.

Instead, we have all food groups and macronutrients available to us, even in the dead of winter! As such, choosing to eat the healthy fats found in vegetable sources and animal by-products is the best option.

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