Many people for quite some time now have been asking when I'll be offering my coaching again! I wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity to start helping you attain YOUR BEST feeling and looking self you've ever seen or felt!
So I know this is short notice given it's less than three days away, but I urge you to secure your spot now!
I will also say that had I have known how important it was to detoxify, balance my hormones and de-stress years ago, I would have started MUCH MUCH sooner!
Andrea is a fitness model turned health coach who has written two books on the raw vegan healthy detoxing lifestyle! Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications in her hometown of Dayton Ohio and now where she lives in San Diego! I've been complaining for the last 5 months about why I can’t seem to get to the gym first thing in the morning. This elixir is my GO TO tonic when my bowels are backed up!THANK GOODNESS my bowels are NEVER backed up because of this drink! If you are reading this and know someone that can potentially benefit from this, please SHARE this! Andrea has appeared on numerous news stations TV shows and magazine publications in her home town of Dayton Ohio and now where she lives in San Diego! If you’ve not checked out Andrea's Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter yet FOLLOW her below!!! Louis & I left Mexico but we had to take a "Good morning Merry Christmas photo for you first! Last week my loving sweetheart of a man AKA "the man-pan-ion" went dirt bike riding with his son and friends out in Mexico! Prior to leaving I made sure to pack plenty of lemon water with one of my favorite essential oil drops inside!

After our hike we stopped for fresh coconuts and then had a couples massage??? We then headed home for my loves favorite pastime, watching the sun set over the ocean off of the deck! During the entire month I am offering anyone who would like to have a Skype or phone consultation with me a FREE essential oil kit with over 11 oils and a diffuser!
I am retiring a HUGE part of my business! I've held off on something I had been offering you for a while now! I mean, I took an ENTIRE YEAR off of doing what helps YOU the most and what I LOVE to do the most! The truth is, I wanted to focus on the clients I was already working with before I decided to accept more coming in.
Known as "The Detox Queen" She has taken the media by storm & has an impressive social media following with her YouTube channel surpassing 2 million views & her personal Facebook page alone having 20,000 people! Apparently they were taken to this stunningly beautiful meadow that he thought would be perfect for us to hike at! Today he woke me early to take me there.
I also slathered a mixture of coconut oil mixed with lavender essential oil all over my body so I wouldn't get eaten by mosquitoes. Although we did stop to take a few photos, both of us together & of the beauty of nature in its entirety!
I'll even share with you during our consultation how to use the oils while I dress your food, detox and weight issues! The first thing that entered my mind was to offer you a spot in my coaching program before I stop offering it! I truly feel that my work in this area gets SO much of my attention that my next venture (mentioned above) will be to take my expertise globally!
Be Well & Don't forget to juice! I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO SHARE MY RECIPES AND BLOG POSTS ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA! Links are below! I'll be sending you my "week in review" along with an AMAZING recipe for vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tomorrow!
He even made my "special coffee mixture" for my coffee enema:) Now thats a man no detox Queen could ever resist!

I know these two things may seem like they've been beaten into us by a sledge hammer but they actually have been proven to be HIGHLY effective in relieving stress! The more you move, the more you will be in touch with your body, your muscles and your spirit! With the constant bombardment of smog and pollution try your very best to find a place to run, hike or walk with clean air! I just got so excited that I found something that works so well on so many different meant and physical ailments in the body that I had to share with you! A squeeze of lemon and a dash of cayenne for my immune system and I had my own little tonic! Until then I wanted to share with all of you why today was one of the absolute BEST days of my life!!! Not only is moving the body great for the lymphatic system but its also STELLAR for the mind! I’m the queen of saying “when this happens I’ll be happy” or "when that happens I’ll be happy". As he squatted down to tie it my heart filled with more love than I've ever felt for another. I truly have a passion for seeing people increase their quality of life while getting truly healthy!To get you're free phone consultation simply purchase my digital detox that I have on sale right now for just $97! Not only am I detoxing on an emotional level but my skin and hair are soaking up the benefits of the oils I've chosen to use too! The biggest change has been the feeling of a much deeper detoxification.
Once that person leaves or once you decide to leave them you’re right back where you started, ALONE WITH YOUR EGO!

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