Cabbage Roll Soup is filled with lean ground beef and pork, rice, tomatoes, cabbage, onions and garlic making it one tasty soup.
Add diced tomatoes, rice, bay leaves, salt, pepper, paprika, thyme, tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce. Anyone who makes a recipe from Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen assumes the risks involved in trying any recipe.
Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen assumes those who try recipes found on this blog will adjust recipes or cooking instructions according to their own kitchen conditions. If you have a question about a recipe because an amount seems unusual, directions are unclear, or you want to make substitutions, please ask questions through the comment form on each post. If you make changes or substitutions in recipes, do not follow the directions, fail to adjust for your oven temperature differences, or fail to use common sense when cooking, Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen will not be held liable or at risk for your recipe outcomes.
Even among people who routinely skip breakfast, some weekends (or evenings!) call for re-creating breakfast classics. Enjoy before heading outdoors to enjoy nature or just to do your normal activities- either way you’ll be sure to have energy all morning with this scrumptious start to the day! Mix all ingredients together with a fork or a stand mixer until spices are thoroughly mixed into the meat.
If you have more time today and would like to save time later, cook all the patties and freeze.
Put the egg yolk in the blender, turn it on medium, and slowly pour in the melted butter- taking maybe a minute to pour in the half cup. And as a special gift this month, you can download 20 free breakfast recipes by clicking here. She helps other families achieve health in simple steps with the GAPS Starter Package, The Empowered Mother Pregnancy Resource, and helps them stock their freezer for busy days with Grain-Free Freezer Cooking Guide.
It’s loaded with cabbage, tomatoes, lean ground beef and pork, rice, onions, garlic and seasonings making it one terrific soup. It meant I didn’t have to cook (at that time she was a much better cook than I was any day of the week, even on the rare occasions when she burned food), plus it helped Grandma eat.

It’s hearty, stick-to-the-ribs satisfying, and wonderful served with Pumpkin Biscuits. This could easily become a favorite of mine, but as I stated earlier, if you don’t enjoy cabbage you may want to pass. Lean ground beef and pork, cabbage, tomatoes, rice, garlic and onion comprise this tasty soup. Information provided is based on my own kitchen experiences with my current equipment and kitchen conditions.
Top with sausage or bacon, poached eggs, slices of cheddar, and hollandaise sauce as desired. Shape into patties and fry in coconut oil on med to med-high until no longer pink in the center. She loves the health and energy that eating well and playing well provides and has a goal to share what she's learned with as many families interested in making healthy changes as possible. I like them salty more than sweet so in my case id put less honey, but they are delicious as the original recipes says! Now, if you’ve never eaten cabbage rolls as a child you don’t know what your missing! She had been widowed for some time, and except for cooking for us two or three times a week she never bothered cooking and didn’t eat like she should.
I made up a batch of this soup (it makes a lot), and after eating our share sent the rest on to some folks in our church who recently had a new baby. For those of you blog followers who like cabbage recipes, this is one of those recipes you’ve just got to try.
I try to show step-by-step pictures of the process for those who would like a little extra help in following recipe instructions.
While I provide factual accounts of our experiences for each recipe, you may or may not find a recipe as pleasing or as tasty as we did, or the texture what you were expecting. Mix the almond flour, coconut flour, eggs, honey, coconut water, apple cinder vinegar, baking soda, sea salt, and shortening in a bowl using a fork.

If you’re pressed for time, only cook the amount you need today and form the rest into patties to stick in the freezer for later use.
Crack 6 eggs into a bowl and then slide them gently into the pot or skillet with the water.
That’s why there is breakfast included in my grain-free meal plans, I help you get grain-free breakfasts on the table FAST every morning – 7 days a week! But she would make them for all of us kids (who loved them) along with Stuffed Green Peppers occasionally. So cooking for her grandson and his bride gave her enjoyment and helped her appetite a little. Perhaps you will be reminded of family dinners around the table when you were a child, too.
I find cooking for family and friends so delightful and enjoyable that I want to share those experiences with you! Divide dough into 8 balls, and gently use your hands to form round biscuit shapes, dusting your hands with coconut flour if needed.
Then she would eat the leftovers during the week because she would cook like we were ten people instead of only two. Photos may not be used on other websites without expressed written permission granted beforehand. When we were first married we used to eat dinner over at his grandma’s house every Thursday evening for several years until kids came along. Serve Cabbage Roll Soup with crackers or serve it with homemade rolls, or my favorite, Pumpkin Pie Biscuits. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full, detailed, and explicit credit is given to Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen.

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