The first time my hubby brought me home to meet his parents, my mom-in-law made this Healthy Chocolate Mousse.
Enjoy plain or add your favorite topping: fresh berries, marshmallows, mini-chocolate chips, or chopped up candy bar. Preparing a quick, healthy dinner means you'll get to spend more time at the table with your family and less time in the kitchen. Canned beans or chili heated via stove top or microwave will make a quick filling for burritos or tacos. For football fans (like me), it means hours of what is hopefully a really great game to watch. Every time I am out of ideas what to cook for my family, or just plain tired to prepare an elaborate meal, this soup comes to the rescue. Memorial Day is almost here!For me, Memorial Day is like the unofficial beginning of summer. My good friend Des, who came home from Qatar last last December, is back in Manila for a few weeks.
I have been very curious about trying Quinoa and with all of these delicious looking recipes, I think it’s time to do it!
Come join me in my culinary adventures where we'll be using simple, fresh ingredients, and transforming them into sophisticated and elegant meals for the everyday home cook.
Make it with different flavors of pudding, sugar-free Cool-Whip, or if you’re feeling particularly daring, full on fat pudding and regular Cool-Whip, oh yeah!
Cool Whip Lite contains hydrogenated vegetable oil and a lot of other preservatives that I can’t seem to pronounce.

Of course, this would be changed if you decided to add yummy toppings, but even eaten alone it super delicious! In addition to bags of mixed salad greens and broccoli crowns, other cut or chopped fresh vegetables such as onions, carrots and potatoes are becoming more available.
And with these 15 recipes, you’ll have a healthy meal on the dinner table in less than 30 min, and even the pickiest of eaters will be begging for seconds and thirds! Quinoa Chili – This vegetarian, protein-packed chili is the perfect bowl of comfort food.
Honey Salmon in Foil – A no-fuss, super easy salmon dish that’s baked in foil for the most tender, most flavorful salmon ever. Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers – These stuffed bell peppers will provide the nutrition that you need for a healthy, balanced meal.
Cauliflower Chowder – A creamy, low carb, hearty and wonderfully cozy soup for those chilly nights. Quinoa Chicken Parmesan – With an amazingly crisp quinoa crust, you’ll never guess that this is actually so healthy and packed with tons of protein goodness. Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps – These simple wraps comes together in less than 30 min, and it’s incredibly hearty, healthy and filling.
Quinoa Black Bean Tacos – Quick, easy, healthy and full of flavor – even meat eaters will love this.
Quinoa Enchilada Casserole – A lightened-up, healthy enchilada bake chockfull of quinoa, black beans and cheesy goodness. It’s so creamy and rich that if I wasn’t already so smitten with her son, this dessert could have easily tipped the scales in his favor!

By keeping a few ingredients on hand you can have a solid, nutritious meal on the table in under 20 minutes. In the morning combine dry rice and rinsed pieces of chicken, pork or beef into the cooker. When you don't have time to prepare food from scratch, plenty of options exist that provide good nutrition.
Fish can take only ten minutes to cook when cut into smaller pieces and broiled or fried in the pan. Many companies recognize that families want to make healthier choices and their product lines are beginning to reflect this.
Microwaving meats for two or three minutes can also speed up cooking time on the stove top. Her Veggie Chili is hearty, and has only 220 calories, with 9g fiber and 10g protein for 1 cup.. Egg scrambles with spinach and chunks of turkey or ham can also be whipped up within 10 minutes. And you can dress it up with salsa, avocado, a side salad – pretty much anything you like!So there you have it – 5 ways to completely makeover your lunchbox that will leave you feeling satisfied, happy and full Enjoy!

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