I would like to see more practical advice on how to eat more fruit and veg and as such would propose fruit and veg are re-categorised.
Root veg including potatoes could be grouped with heavier carb fruits such as bananas and veg such as peas and sweetcorn. A second category would include lighter fruit and veg such as green leafy varieties (spinach and broccoli), salad items like spring onions and cucumber and items such as cauliflower, onions, apples and pears. A third category would be all the colourful fruit and veg such as tomatoes, peppers, melon, mangoes and berries.
Creating new groups could help people get a greater variety of fruit and veg into their diet. Science Says: Ita€™s Time To Forget About DIETING And Focus On All Around Health With Foods That Taste Greata€¦ Read On To Learn This Shocking Truth! And if youa€™re a new friend whoa€™s simply exploring natural health and nutrition, youa€™ve come to the right place. But ita€™s something we lose sight of thanks to the reality of modern life a€“ wea€™re almost forced to focus on shortcuts and easy ways out.
I didna€™t always think so, though a€“ before I launched Healthy and Natural World in 2012, I was totally starved for time; always on the lookout for anything thata€™d save me a precious few minutes.
Usually that ended up being another one of those silly 10-minute "miracle" (yeah right)  workouts or the latest Hollywood craze diet. If youa€™ve been struggling to achieve your health or weight loss goals, ita€™s not your fault.
Therea€™s a multi-billion-dollar industry preying on us, and the quick-fix fad-diet folks know that if you actually succeed, you wona€™t be a customer anymore. The dieting industry continuously develops new products they promote as the a€?next big thing.a€? In this way they keep you feeling like your lack of a€?trendya€? weight loss methods is whata€™s holding you back. Thata€™s what makes SuperFoods so powerful a€“ theya€™re naturally packed with nutrients that provide a huge range of health benefits. So why all the confusion lately; the frustrating amount of conflicting information floating around?
People are desperate to improve their lifestyles and are willing to assume great personal risk to lose weight, boost energy levels, and so on a€“ and the less time and effort involved, the more popular the fad.
This is because people dona€™t fully understand how food impacts their bodies (if they did, theya€™d know they could go a long way toward success simply and naturally through nutrition a€“ and the biggest risk involved?
And, as things got worse instead of better, my feelings of powerlessness and despair started to impact every area of my life.
When you get to that point, somethinga€™s gotta give a€“ I was miserable with myself and my inability to succeed with my health goals. My family was awesome during this time, supporting me fully and trying everything they could to get me toa€¦ to love myself again, I guess, and stop measuring my performance against my perception of how everybody else was doing. I didna€™t know what I was doing to my body or why a€“ how could I expect results when I only knew that a€?Pill X will make you lose 5lbs per weeka€? or a€?Machine Y means you only need to exercise for 10 minutes a montha€? (and of course neither of those things is usually true). Ia€™ll never forget it, because, as I would discover, everything comes back to understanding how foods affect your body.
That same day I took my first real step toward success: I checked out every book the library had on nutrition.
Ia€™ve dedicated my professional life to sharing my discoveries and knowledge with others through Healthy and Natural World. This unceasing commitment to sharing the best of the best  information on health has earned me a fan base of 1.8 million followers on Facebook.
As my fans are well aware, once you leave the commercial stuff behind, the message becomes clear and unified a€“ natural nutrition is fundamental to real, lasting progress. Ia€™ve authored and co-authored hundreds of detailed health-related articles over the years, creating a huge knowledgebase of information related to food, nutrition, and human physiology for myself and my online community of well over 1.8 million natural health enthusiasts. Of course, big numbers like that mean a ton of questions coming in a€“ so to keep up, I created this 4 eBook system to answer your most common and important questions. This knowledge will influence every part of your life by helping you choose foods that enable the health outcomes you want to create a€“ it will help you understand how nutrients affect your body and mind. Those are the types of questions a€“ ones that build true understanding a€“ you should be asking, and the ones I created this system to answer.

The eBooks are an enjoyable read and full of useful, practical advice that's easy to apply in the real world. These powerful foods have incredible effects on the human body and can help us directly on our paths to physical and mental well-being. These foods provide massive concentrations of essential nutrients a€“ the basic building blocks of life that are often absent in our modern convenience diets a€“ which can have dramatic effects on our health. Wea€™re not talking exotic crazy stuff here either a€“ youa€™ll find SuperFoods at your local supermarket. How you can reduce your bodya€™s cholesterol absorption without expensive pills or medical procedures. How superfoods can control blood pressure, speed healing, and do DOZENS of other things you never  thought possible!
How to improve your bodya€™s digestion & absorption of nutrients so you have more energy and feel better each and every day. Plus 29 little known SuperFood secrets that can help you live a better life AND cut down on your dependence on big pharma! The original system only included 2 eBooks a€“ but this year, I created 2 more that complement it perfectly by.
In the simplest possible terms, it's the speed at which your body breaks down what it takes in.
In "Fire Up Your Metabolism," you'll discover what your bodya€™s really doing when you put food into it, and how you can actually control the process to your advantage by optimizing your mindset and habits. You will also discover that your genes don't have as much as control over your metabolism as you think, and that you actually have the power to give your BMI a much needed break! In that time, Ia€™ve picked up DOZENS of a€?little pointersa€? that help with healthy living tremendously. One thing Ia€™ve noticed is that a lot of people who try to a€?live healthya€? actually end up doing the opposite: starving themselves, going on unsustainable diets, working out to the point of exhaustion. One of the biggest things Ia€™ve tried to do is come up with fitness strategies that are sustainable. This eBook is a collection of the best 101 tips for overall health and fitness a€“ even with a crazy-busy lifestyle a€“ Ia€™ve ever discovered. Streamline your routines, pack extra nutrition into your diet and squeeze the most out of each minute of every day. Thata€™s what this system is all about: nutrition you can feel changing your life for the better.
Whether ita€™s fitness, health, illness prevention, energy, happiness, or focus a€“ youa€™re here for specific reasons.
Jennya€™s 4 eBook system provides an excellent summary of some of the best foods to eat in a healthy balanced diet.
This system is an excellent introduction to both long-standing and the latest research about nutrition & superfoods and is a solid reference work to include in any personal health library. An info-packed reference guide to your understanding one of your bodya€™s most critical processes.
Sometimes living well is easier than we think a€“ youa€™ll be surprised how simple it is to harness thea€™ little thingsa€™ a€“ and how good they can make you feel. If you apply the principles you learn in this system, not only will you create direct results, it will empower every other effort you make and positively impact every area of your life. Dona€™t let the latest fads dictate how you feel about yourself a€“ or the industry that spawns them control your health.
PPS a€? the knowledge you gain from this system will stay with you for life, helping you make informed, healthy food and lifestyle choices forever a€“ and costs less than a single bottle of the Latest Craze.
If you have any questions or have any problems with your purchase please feel free to send us an email to [email protected]. A Note on the Format: The 4 eBooks are in Adobe PDF format and you will get instant access to them after your purchase. The research that sparked this most recent debate strengthens and confirms what we already know about fruit and veg, that the more we can eat the better for our health.
Ia€™ve read my share of health books, and never have I come across something as comprehensive and all-inclusive as this.

Jenny's enthusiasm is contagious, and most of the nutritional rundowns sounded so delicious, they actually made me hungry.
Book I walks you through the real definition of "SuperFood" (and why it exists) and details 29 SuperFoods alongside their specific health benefits. This little known food has proven aromatherapy uses that include enhanced thinking and concentration!
The recipe book that will show you how to achieve the a€?holy grail of healthy living,a€? nutritious AND delicious foods that dona€™t cost a fortune. Thata€™s enough for a completely different new and exciting dish 3 meals a day, 7 days a weeka€¦ Or 1 new dish every day for 2 months! Love dining out but dona€™t want to sacrifice the delicious flavors youa€™ve come to identify with unhealthy restaurant foods? And dona€™t worry a€“ therea€™s no reason to sacrifice on flavor or portion size once you know what youa€™re doing! Like beautiful eyes or a natural hourglass shape, it's something you're "just born with," supposedly.
This influences your body weight, because the slower your metabolism, the more total calories you'll take in from every meal.
Youa€™re going to feel healthier overall, both physically and mentally within 60 days a€“ and if you dona€™t, you just let me know.
I absolutely recommended this system to anyone who is looking to create a healthy life change. Mastering your metabolism is a key step that impacts all areas of life, especially for those who want to lose weight and keep it off. Our site and book contains general information about medical conditions and treatments, and provides information and ideas for, but not limited to, natural and home remedies. But while most people are struggling to achieve 5 portions per day (currently recommended) it is not very helpful to recommend more.
What I can do is deliver you the building-block knowledge and understanding you need to equip yourself to make productive, healthy choices moving forward. They can speed up your brain or slow down your bodya€™s absorption of cholesterola€¦ and thata€™s barely the beginning. Youa€™ll be AMAZED at the fact that these recipes are healthy when your mouth is being treated to tastes unlike anything youa€™ve ever experienced..
Herea€™s a tip: You dona€™t need to sacrifice quality for healtha€¦ if you know what to look for. Identify 29 different SuperFoods (all easy to find at your local supermarket) and get full details on their benefits & effects. Get breakfast-to-dinner tips, from meal planning to dining out, plus over 60 original meal, snack, and smoothie recipes your whole family will love. Give this system a try for 60 days and if you dona€™t feel noticeably happier and naturally healthier youa€™ll receive a full refund, no questions asked. Our website is not and does not claim to be written, edited, or researched by a health care professional.
Any information on or associated with this website should NOT be considered a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional.
By saying ‘eat plenty’ and ‘include at every meal’ can help to boost intake and displace other less healthy foods such as swapping a fizzy drink for a smoothie.
If you are experiencing any form of health problem, always consult a doctor before attempting any treatment on your own. We will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any harm, injury, illness, or death that may result from the use of its content or anything related to it.
Viewers assume all risk and liability associated with the use of the content on our site, and must agree to our terms and conditions.

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