An ideal heart healthy weight loss diet is defined as eating nutritious meals, having daily exercise, being a non smoker, having a BMI of 21-25 and drinking less than 21 units of alcohol per week. Heart disease is associated with being overweight, partly due to high blood pressure and the extra pressure put on the heart to circulate blood. Diets high in processed, sugary foods, salt, carbohydrates and trans-fats, but low in fibre, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, protein and antioxidants may lead to weight gain and poor heart health. Healthy hearts need magnesium (nuts and seeds), B vitamins (whole-grains, meat, eggs, avocado), essential fatty acids (Fish) and cardio focussed exercise. Protein is so important whilst dieting, it increases satiety- imagine not feeling hungry on a diet! Combine your new best friend, protein, with some fibre and you are one step closer to a healthy heart.
To follow an eating plan and not get bored, it’s important to mix and match and not get stuck in a routine. I am a Nutritional Therapist specilising in weight loss and patients in recovery (from hospital stays, eating disorders, illness). FFC Oak Park is celebrating our 9th Anniversary and would like you to join us on the rooftop terrace for some appetizers, beverages and music! Enjoy same-day appointments and no-rush conversations about your health program or problems, along with access your doctor’s email address and cellphone number for emergencies. Whether you’re reasonably health-conscious or a full-throttle gym-jammer, membership in the WellcomeMD program offers you a new, proactive approach to your health care. When was the last time you scheduled a thorough physical exam and a long talk with your doctor about the results?
Join us at FFC Oak Park on Saturday, April 2 from 7 AM – 2 PM for Metabolic Testing Day! Not only that, but you’ll define your Aerobic (AeT) & Anaerobic (AT) thresholds and stablish accurate heart-rate training zones to build endurance. Triathlon & Marathon training plan consultations will also be available with FFC Oak Park Triathlon Coach Terri Friel (USAT Level 1) and FFC Head Endurance Coach Chris Navin (USAT Level 2).
Enjoy grounded and fluid movements while barefoot in this practice that is easy on the joints, stimulates the mind, body and spirit and is most importantly, fun. I work out to improve my overall health, to get stronger, and to reverse the aging process.
Get moving and join the FFC Swimming & Triathlon Team with USA Triathlon (USAT) certified FFC Endurance coach Terri Friel!
There are natural ways to promote weight loss with the use of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega fatty acids and herbal supplements.

What these can do to help promote weight is to help change the metabolism, while helping overall health and not requiring special diets.
The body requires vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega fatty acids in order work properly and to keep organs in the brain healthy.
When using any natural remedies for weight loss and have any type of health condition, whether it requires medication or not this should be discussed with the physician. Dandelion is one of the plant medicinal that has been used for centuries for many health conditions and one of these is to help maintain weight and weight loss. The use of this herbal can be taken by making a tea, or even eating dandelion leaves in the daily diet, as salads, on sandwiches and is a replacement for spinach. One thing that a person using dandelion is a weight loss supplement will need to watch for is an electrolyte imbalance. Green tea is one of the herbals that many people know can be used for improved health, but may not know that it is in herbal that can be used for weight loss. This herbal tea is able to help fight free radicals in the body that can cause damage and there is also some research that shows the properties known as polyphenols may help weight loss.
One of the ways that this is able to help is by reducing fat digestion by inhibiting digestive enzymes in this manner that is safe for anyone dieting to take advantage of. Lifestyle choices affect heart health as well, being sedentary and very stressed can be detrimental.
Your blood sugar levels will be balanced throughout the day which will stop the 11 o clock biscuit cupboard raid at work. I have a diploma from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition and am a registered member of BANT.
Ingrid Liu, who will be offering superb medical care for FFC members across Chicago from their new Oak Park office – right next to FFC Oak Park! Additionally, you will also have access to gold-standard annual physical exams and a proactive holistic approach to keep you healthy encompassing fitness, nutrition, and high-focus medical attention when problems arise. When have you had an exploratory discussion with your doctor about the latest research on diet and nutrition, or the pros and cons of, say, hormone replacement therapy or PSA tests?
Ingrid Liu of WellcomeMD and our registered dietician Amy Silver will be presenting on research covering holistic approaches to your health.
Liu’s video intro to membership medicine and join WellcomeMD now for a special FFC discount today!
These are ways of losing weight that is not dangerous, does not have side effects and a few herbals that should not be taken with other medications can be replaced by ones that do not have interactions with other drugs. The supplements along with regular exercise can be a complete weight loss plan that does work without the side effects and dangers in some diet pills will have.

Using supplements should be daily regiment whether it is for weight loss or for just optimum health. This is because some vitamins and herbal supplements can interact with certain medications. This is because the plant has properties that help the body’s metabolism and also works as a diuretic. This plant botanically known as Taraxacum officianle, is able to help with fat cells in the bloodstream to improve cholesterol levels and also works as a mild laxative. This is because the herbal does work as diuretic and has a mild laxative and this while relieving the body of extra water weight can also result in an electrolyte imbalance.
This botanical known as Camellia Sinensis has been used in Asian medicine for over 3000 years for its health properties.
This is one of the herbals that has no side effects and does not interact with any medications that might be take for any medical conditions.
Your energy levels will be maintained so you have energy at the end of a long work day to get out and exercise. FFC members who join before May 31 receive a 10% discount off the first year’s membership, and we’ll waive the sign-up fee! Nia is a form of exercise and movement that blends 9 movement forms, including Tae Kwon Do, Akido, TaiChi (Martial Arts), Feldenkreis method, Alexander Technique, Yoga (Healing Arts, ) modern, jazz and Duncan (Dance Arts). Research has also shown that many overweight people with angina, raised blood cholesterol and high blood pressure found their conditions improved even after losing just some of their excess weight. The best part about this is that they will not interact with other medications, and there are safe to take.
There is also the fact that some of these supplements can cause a temporary rise or drop in blood pressure and in blood glucose levels.
The reason is because it is known to have compounds that are antioxidants and also polyphenols that help in overall health and is a supplement for weight loss. Nutritional therpay can help everyone, if you want to know more please call me for a free 10 minute telephone consultation to see how I can help you acheive your goals.

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