Medical treatment may include realignment and immobilization of the back until reattachment by natural healing has occurred.
A trend has been to produce dry food which mimicks the cats' natural hunting environment as closely as possible. Small proportions of good quality grains, like brown rice in the ingredients list is not an issue. There seems to be many smaller shops now with good ethics in their business and treatment of animals. Also i found that for home cats once they like a particular brand of dry food, they always like to eat that onli, veri hard for to change to other brand. Supermarket brands may be cheap but when you look at whats inside the packet like canned food for example, you'll see that it's almost worthless stuff layered with jelly which companies add to fill up the can and this makes it completely not worth buying. WellPet - In October 2007 Eagle Pack was sold to Berwind Corporation for an undisclosed amount. Orijen, Acana, Solid Gold, Taste of the wild is worth considering if anyone really wants dry food.
Currently i always buy those small iams 1kg packs onli, - this pack can last me for more then a week. This is mainly due to misleading information by manufacturers and false posting on the internet.

Manufacturer ethics - Procter & Gamble who owns brands like Iams, Eukanuba conduct horrific animal testing. Many manufacturers include plant protein or low quality protein to boost the analysis precentages. So, ideally good quality named meats like chicken or chicken meal should be the first items.
But high on the carb level and contains some controversial items like Brewer's yeast which apparently causes allergies in some cats. Cos i'm also feeding wet can food everyday and 4times a week my mother will boil fish and give them. Plant protein include grains like corn, gluten meals, maize, soy which are harmful in the long-run.
People who face financial constraints like the uncles and aunties who feed community cats (bless their selfless souls) can try feeding cooked chicken meat. And i dun believe in letting my cat eat unhealthy food either so i always go for the best nutrition value for him. There will always be a demand for dry food so at least try to use best among them if you really have no choice. No point saving a few dollars now and give back a lot more on expensive medical costs later.

Whole grains contain some nutrition but should not form bulk of the ingredients, ie should be lower on the list. Constantly reported in forums and news over mistreatment of various animals over the years. Once these big conglomerates buy them over, they will start tampering with the formula & streamlining the manufacturing to save costs. You may have saved $4,500 not buying the leather one but by buying the plastic one you might as well have not bought anything because although the plastic thing was a sofa in name, it didn't serve its function.
Unfortunately, read that its manufacturer has some ethical issues but couldn't find the details. The irony is assuming they have the time & energy, they usually won't have the financial means.

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