Research and development facility and pilot plant for the manufacturer of herbal drugs has been constructed by us. Chickpeas seem to be everywhere lately — and for good reason: they're high in protein, fibre, folate, and zinc. This Middle Eastern spiced carrot soup is creamy without using cream and is garnished with perfectly spiced chickpeas. With its madras curry powder and yogurt topping, roasted tomato, turkey, and chickpea curry is a restaurant-quality riff on the Indian favourite known as chana masala. From the popular cookbook Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan, author Dreena Burton's zucchini chickpea tomato curry is full of flavour. If you're craving something sweet that won't doom your diet, then try these roasted honey chickpeas. No one will ever know that you snuck in a dose of nutrition when they try these chocolate chickpea protein cookies. Vegan and gluten-free, this sweet chickpea dip is an excellent source of fibre and protein.

These za'atar- and cumin-spiced roasted chickpeas make an excellent snack or garnish for soups and salads.
Ever since its inception in 1930, Himalaya has focussed on developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that will help people live richer and healthier lives.
Like baked kale chips, roasted chickpeas are a great way to satisfy a chip craving — minus all that fat — and you get all the nutritional benefits of chickpeas. The turkey can easily be omitted for vegetarians; just be sure to also swap out the chicken broth for veggie stock. High in protein and fibre, chickpeas offer a satisfying crunch when roasted and will leave you with a boost of energy. The chickpeas give the recipe a major dose of protein and fibre, but all they'll taste is chocolate deliciousness. It includes protecting the Earth, caring for the community, improving health and respecting life in all its forms.
We love how versatile they are: whether roasted on their own, tossed in a salad, or even used in dessert, chickpeas seem to make every recipe better!

You can also freeze them to heat up later: wrap each patty (make sure they've cooled) individually, and store in the freezer.
By following these principles, we build a better company and contribute to building a better world. It produces health care products under the name Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, which include ayurvedic ingredients.
The company’s manufacturing plants use highly efficient, high-speed punching, coating and filling machines. It is spread across locations in India, the United States, the Middle East, and Europe, while its products are sold in 60 countries across the world. The Himalaya brand has much in common with the mountain range from where it draws the name.

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