But thanks to juicing fruits and vegetables (green juice especially!), those days are past. These fruits and veggies yield a lot of juice and work great as the start to your concoction.
When first getting started on your juice journey, you may find that some of the juices upset your stomach a bit because of the detox process or your body not being used to the flood of nutrients.
Before embarking on a long juice fast, make sure to speak with a physician just like in any health modifications to your lifestyle. Use more veggies than fruit (especially in the afternoon) to decrease sugar consumption- otherwise you will get a sugar high and crash… not good for your insulin levels or metabolism. Beets and carrots are higher in sugar and since you are removing the fiber from the veggies, the sugar moves more quickly into your blood stream- conclusion: don’t go overboard on these veggies.
Run the pulp through a second (and maybe a third time) to make sure you get all the juicy goodness out of it. I strongly recommend using organic fruits and veggies when juicing to avoid all the toxic chemicals, pesticides and other junk used in commercial farming. I like to squeeze my lemon juice afterwards in stead of peeling and running through the juicer. Mix a little of the pulp back into the juice for added fiber that will slow down the rise in blood sugar and help you feel more full. To make mid-week juicing easier, portion out your fruits and veggies in zip locks with labels for the week.
This might seem like a lot of info… but when it comes down to it juicing is healthy, delicious and fun!

Sign up below to grab my weekly inspiration, recipes, exercises and exclusive tips to discover a WHOLE new you. To try and get ready for my holiday in Lanzerote I have been trying to lose a few of the pounds I put on in Dorset! I am a little bit of an expert when it comes to juicing, having had 2 different models previous to this, and I can safely say that this is the absolute best by a mile! It makes super fast work of all kinds of fruit and vegetables with literally hardly any waste. I have been replacing my breakfast and large with large juices, drinking loads of water and then having a big healthy dinner. I have a Philips juicer too, the one recommended by Jason Vale (don’t remember the model) and having a juice for breakfast and lunch followed by salad for dinner helped me lose 7lbs in a week, just in time for a 2 week break in St Lucia. If your body is full of toxins, if you have been eating a poor diet, if you get little to no exercise, then yes, when you start juicing you may start to smell. Some are harder to clean, some yield more juice, some are extremely expensive and others keep more enzymes and nutrients intact. You want your base to be fairly lower in sugar so veggies or apples work better than juicy high glycemic fruits.
The heating process it goes through destroys living enzymes, minerals and other beneficial nutrients. If you want to store, put in airtight, glass container and preferably with a vacuum-sealed lid. It is also really simple to put together and operate and comes with a free juicing recipe book from Jason Vale, the Juice Master.

You see, when you increase your health with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in fresh fruit and vegetable juice, your body performs at a higher level. Level one is the easiest on your system and Level 5 is higher in nutrients and stronger in taste and might take some time working up to. Plus there’s usually preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors thrown in the mix as well. Take what you’ve learned here and then go experiment and find what types of juicing works best for you. I mean, who wants to start fruit and vegetable juicing if it’s just going to give them body odor? The person then gives up and returns to the lifestyle and diet that caused the problem in the first place.
Brilliant  Maribel Cruz-Aguilar 5pts I don't need to lose weight either but I like to drink these juices. If you have to choose between blending and juicing, choose blending but if you can do both its the best. I just researched about the best products at the marked and I ho with greens advanced Multi Ishrat Tanwar 5pts Wat type of juices we have to drink to loose weight Capone Amber von Keammer 5pts it"ll be clean and ready for you ;-) Cathy Walter 5pts I like it !! I feel so much more full energy !but I buy the greens as a powder so I can use it at work to Sahana Satish 5pts May be Brian Knopf 5pts Capone Amber von Keammer im breakin out that juicer when i get back!

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