Sarah Collins has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Penn State-University Park and formal education in fitness and nutrition.
If you just turned the big 5-0, you might wonder if your nutritional needs are going to change during this new decade of your life. Collins is an experienced blogger, editor and designer, who specializes in nutrition, fitness, weddings, food and parenting topics. You're on the precipice of needing fewer calories -- at 51, your caloric needs decrease by 200 calories a day.
Your daily caloric breakdown, whether it's closer to 1,800 or 2,200 calories per day, should include 45 to 65 percent carbohydrates, 10 to 35 percent protein and 20 to 35 percent fat. In addition, you'll need vital micronutrients, including B vitamins -- particularly B-6 and B-12 -- calcium and vitamin D, plus antioxidants found in brightly colored fruits and veggies.

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