Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How many calories should I eat to lose weightcalculator?Information about calories is commonplace. For women, the assumption is that the calories are being calculated for a 120 pound woman who is5 feet 5 inches in height.Calories burnedSedentary Lifestyle - This is for people who do not exercise and spend most of their time sitting infront of a computer at work or home. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
You should NOT eat food with a daily deficit of more than 500-1000 calories a day, it is unhealthy for your body, which means you should not lose more than 1-2 lbs per week. Here's the big question - How much food should I eat - how many calories should I eat - and how many calories a day. To maintain your current weight you should not eat more calories than you burn - and to lose weight You should consume fewer calories than you use.
Once you know your daily calories requirement you can go on with a plan on how to eat fewer calories than your requirement in order to lose weight. How many calories to lose weight calculator?There are hundreds of people who go to the gym or go ondiets only to fail miserably with weight loss. Everyonethese days knows that they need to either burn morecalories or eat fewer calories to lose weight and fat.
Women - 1,520 calories.Moderate activity - When your job does not require much sitting and when you exercise quiteregularly.

The first step that you need to take isto come up with a calculator to calculate the amount ofcalories that you consume in a day.
If you have a sedentary lifestyle where yousit around a computer all day, you will probably only burn about 2,000 calories or even less.
Moderate activity would also mean that your job requires some physical activity and notsit in front of a computer.
To do this, take a pieceof paper and write down all the food and beverages youhave consumed in the past day. If youare an outdoor worker and hardly do any sitting, you could be burning even in excess of 3,000calories.
Your ideal starting point should allow you todetermine how many calories you consume and also howmany calories you use up in a day.
In other words, if you are consuming 2,500 calories in a dayand are using up only 2,200 calories, you will essentially be putting on 300 calories of fat in a day.300 calories over about 10-15 days can easily result in one excess pound of fat on your body. You can get the exact number of calories that you burn by purchasing a calorie meter, anapparatus that will look like a wrist watch. Women - 1,960 calories.Very active - One is said to have a very active lifestyle if both their work and leisure activitiesinvolve a lot of physical activity. Just wear it for a whole day and it will conveniently tellyou how many calories you have burned.
Examples could be a construction worker who also works out or avery busy mom who visits the gym frequently.

You should ideally do this for a week and thencome up with the average number of calories that youconsume in a day. You will also find websites that will give you calculatorswhich will estimate how many calories you have burned in a day.
Most men and women who are actively involved insports will also usually fall under this category.
This is step 2.Once you have analyzed these two steps, you should then see if you are burning more calories thanwhat you consume. If you have been gaining weight recently, you will easily notice that you areconsuming a lot more calories that what you are using up. There are two ways to fix this problem.One is to cut down on your diet and reduce the number of calories that you consume. The other isto maintain the same diet but burn more calories by exercising more.Ideally, one would benefit the most if they used a combination of both. One will feel a good energy level and alsolook good when they follow a good diet and exercise program. The law of evolution has resulted in men havingmore muscles and this is the reason for the discrepancy in calories burned between the two sexes.

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