Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It is fairly simple to calculate how many calories you need to consume in order to lose the weight in a healthy manner. Breakfast: Egg boiled (80), Egg omelet (120), Bread slice (45), Bread with butter(90), Chapatti (60), Puri (75), Paratha(150). Beverages: Black tea (10), Black coffee (10), Coffee or tea with milk and sugar (45), milk with horlicks (120), milk without sugar (60), milk with sugar (75), Soft drinks (90), beer (200), Soda(10). Some miscellaneous food items: Pizza(400), Chinese noodles (450), hamburger(250), Sandwich large (450), fried potato(200), mashed potato (100), milkshake(200), ice-cream (200), wafers (120), samosa (1 for 100), kebab (150), ghee (50).
For Males: Age group 19 to 30 years should take 2400 to 3000 calories depending on how active they are. For Females: Age 19 to 30 years (1800 to 2400 calories), Age 31 to 50 years (1800 to 2200), Age 51 and above(1600 to 2200 calories). SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. There are various factors like age, sex, height, kind of physical activities you do and many other which define the balanced diet you should have. Theirfundamental problem is that they dont take into account how much lean mass you have, which ismuch more metabolically active (i.e.

What is needed to keep in mind is how adequately we plan our diet to manage any excess calories in our food. If your day is really very active, you need to take plenty of calories to compensate the energy lost by your body. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus.
If you are indeed eatingmore calories than you expend then this creates a caloriedeficit which is fundamental to losing weight and giventime your body will adjust by losing weight.Calculating the calories that you expend is a useful exercisewhen trying to answer this question, as eating any numberof calories fewer than this will ultimately lead to weight-loss. Unfortunately this is a fairly difficult thing to doaccurately without expensive medical equipment, but youcan get a fairly good estimate using a calorie calculator,many of which can be found online. Because of thisparticularly muscular people are likely to have fairly inaccurate results from these sorts ofcalculators.Once your active metabolic rate is known, any number less than that is just how many calories youshould eat to lose weight. Some simple calculation can help you find out the amount of calories your body needs daily. And since your physical activity lowers with age your calorie intake should also decrease to give you a healthy weight. Daily doses of calorie intake in your body should not exceed (your current total weight in kilo grams * 24). However far too many people see dieting as ashort term solution to a long term problem and this really shouldnt be the case. Eating healthilyand in moderation is something that everyone should do all of the time, not just when wereworried that were getting fat.

This will burn approximately 1000 – 1500 calories a day and will help you lose weight to a great extent. As it is mentioned earlier some amount of calorie is good for our body, research says you should not reduce your calorie intake by more than 500 units a day from the maximum calorie intake that your body is used to. If you are proficient enough to manage these calculations do it yourself or better consult your doctor to suggest a food plan for you and then follow it regularly.
In order to successfully lose weight, you need to overestimate how many calories you are taking in by around 10%-15%. When you’re creating a calorie deficit on a daily basis, this can help you tremendously. Not to mention the fact that protein has a greater thermic effect (your body burns more calories processing protein than fat or carbs).
If 2 people are eating the same amount of calories, the person with the highest amount of protein in their diet will have better results. How to Apply This Information Let’s do a case study so that I can show you how to apply all of this information.
There is a very interesting and helpful video presentation that talks more in-depth about this method and and the author.

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