One of the best ways to set yourself up for weight loss failure is to only track your weight. There are many ways to track your weight loss, but since not everybody has lots of money to spare on expensive medical procedures, I’ll stick to the basics. I love using a tape measure to track my weight loss, it only takes a couple of minutes and the results are outstanding. They also have fancy digital tape measure out there, I’m sure those results are much more accurate than standard tape measure. You might have had a kick ass week, yet not lost a pound…but how much did you shrink your body?
As an example, I had dropped 60 pounds and bought 3 of the cutest tank tops ever in a large.
The point of that story was to convince you to only use new clothes for an accurate measurement of weight loss. Buy a few pairs of pants and tops you’re dying to wear in multiple smaller sizes and use those as reference points. You know how some parents would make lines at the top of children’s heads when they stood against the wall to track their growth?
If you have a someone to help: they could just outline your entire body, your torso, your hips and waist or whatever else would give you a reference in pencil on a wall.

Digital is the way to go here, that way you don’t have to drop film off and then come back to get your pictures that you KNOW everybody saw. A really awesome thing to do with the photos, would be to do it every single day without fail and than you can create a video showing you drop the weight. Sure they have fancy super scales out there that will tell your body fat, water weight and much else. Use the scale in the beginning to get your start weight, once a month to track any reduction in weight and that’s sufficient.
The bottom line: Scales are shifty buggers and there are many other valid and accurate ways to measure your weight loss success. It means that if you click on the link and end up buying or signing up for something, they’ll throw a little change my way like a “thanks for promoting my shit” kickback. The cool thing is that it doesn’t cost anybody more to purchase or signup through these, but it does help to cover my blogging expenses, such as: hosting, domain names and privacy, images, design, giveaways and much more. Sure jumping on the scale and seeing the numbers go down is an accurate way of seeing if your body weight is lower. When we think about weight loss, what we’re really shooting for is to lose fat, shrink our bodies and possibly even increase our muscle a little. Although I’m always hesitant to purchase clothing in smaller sizes because you never really know what shape your body will take on as it loses weight.

You don’t have to put it online or anything, but it would be awesome to have as a personal reference and motivational tool. Our weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day, each day and during each month (especially if you’re a chick).
So chill out on the scale and focus on the above means of measurement for your primary results. Use as many of these as you can to keep yourself motivated, focused and on track to successful weight loss. Twitter Facebook Google+Disclosure (read it)This is a personal blog and is for entertainment purposes only.
So almost every single day, these were being worn…even while I gained back all my weight. I am not a professional, so if I tell you to exercise or don't eat cookies---don't listen to me.

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