Reinstate your lips' shape by tracing them with a pencil in a shade that closely matches their middle, then fill them in: A medium rose is pretty on light to medium skin. There are certain makeup tips that will make you younger and fresh, have a look at the below written tips!Avoid shimmer while getting done with makeup! It has been noticed that when aged women apply shimmer on their cheeks then their wrinkles and lines get more prominent. Always go for matte finish makeup touch so that you can give smoother look to your face and look younger.In order to avoid patches and the signs of aging on your face, always go for light makeup!

If you are going to have heavy makeup on your face then the signs of aging will get more visible. Make up experts have suggested making use of light base or foundation so that the look of your face can be maintained and you may not look older too!Whenever you go out, try to put lip gloss! We have seen that all those aged women who put lipstick, their lips get bigger and deeper and they start attaining an aged look. On the other hand, lip gloss will make you extra young and will give you juicy and luscious lips.Go for a base shade that matches with the formulation of anti aging!

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